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  1. Sorry been busy working on the boat and working more OT to be able to afford my 'habits'. Be glad to give some advice as this project was all about getting in as deep as you want! I personally cannot stand half ass hook ups/products especially when back in Kahuku, Mililani or the Kaiwi channel where I'll be this weekend escorting from Molokai! Hana Pa'a!!!!!
  2. I was only able to get the photo to come up by copying the http address and pasting it in my address box in the header.
  3. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x86/rwolf34/boatmoto001.jpg[/img] Let me try again here. Can this be any more difficult to post a photo?
  4. Sorry just figured out the photo entry process. Try and add photos of the finished product later.
  5. Finally completed the wiring job. Hooked up the stator as directed in instructions and the regulator as it made sense to. Mounted the reg on the left side panel near the air filter away from any heat. Ended up tracing every wire (I know it sounds a little OCD) and eliminating an entire plastic grocery bag of wires and plugs. Everything is hard wired with solder, heat shrinked and wrapped in electric tape. So the AC to DC conversion is complete, the wiring is almost as simple as a lawnmower and clean! I will try and post some photos of the quagmire I started with. Also the X-2 halogen headlight is unreal and all my accessories, turn signals/tail/brake lights run off the power lead from the headlight switch I purchased from trailtech. Sorry I never figured out the easy route on this, but I know my bikes electrical like the back of my hand. The stator/plug or reg apparently repaired the horrific miss my bike had as well. All is well again so I bought a boat so I still have a project.
  6. Bike is completely stripped down to the frame, all wires exposed from wraps and some major surgery going down. Since I have replaced the computer with a Vapor and will be replacing the headlight and its' switch I can now remove a huge bundle of wires and really clean this baby up. I suppose this will work out for the better??? I will try and get some photos up when I am done, although as one might guess by my electrical frustrations, I am not a computer wizz either. Aloha.
  7. I do realize it is just like the doing a KTM or any other bike for that matter, just different colored wires in different locations. I was just hoping someone had done a Husky and could give explicit visual directions to avoid any errors and having to dig further into the stock wrapped electrical than needed. This is for a 2006 TE450 with a brand new OEM battery, new stator from trailtech wired to their specs, new regulator sent with the stator and a trailtech light switch that is either off/low/high beam with an additional hot lead that as I understand it needs to power the tail and brake switch power. This switch is hard wired to the battery and has a built in fuse. The poor tail light output is because as I understand it the power was originally going directly from the stator to power the lights with AC, and the battery was tended with risidual DC. Now that order is reversed and I need to power the lights through the switch from the battery with what little AC current is left running the coil etc. Please correct if I'm wrong. As I have certainly expressed it is a bit frustrating when you spend good money and constantly support this industry and run into situations where you can't get technical support. I'm of the mind that if you design/distribute or promote a product, you should be familiar enough so that when faced with a simple question you are able to answer with more than either, I do not know or call them they should know. I realize that I will eventually figure this out. I will take a look at the attached links and see if I can't find the info there. Anyway thanks for those of you who have made an attempt to help so far. I will let you know if I get it figured out.
  8. If it is so easy than why doesn't motosportz or trailtech just make a photo instruction sheet like the one included for the KTMs. Beyond that I cannot get an answer other than I need to wire the tail/brake and head lights through the battery. Just was hoping someone had it figured out so I do not have to unwrap the entire wire loom, and possibly get this wrong.
  9. I just installed a trailtech stator and regulator with the X2 headlight and 3 way switch on my 06 TE450. The system appears to work great, but now everything is DC output as opposed to the AC from the factory. The problem I am having is that the tailight pulses randomly. The new X-2 headlight hardwires into the battery for DC pull and has an added output/accessory hot lead. By wiring the tail and front/rear brake lights into this it will hopefully eliminate the pulsing at my taillight. The instructions beyond the stators direct hook up are for a KTM and of no help. So my question is, has anyone installed this system on their TE450 and could you please show a photo or give an idea of which wires I am in search of. I am unable to make heads or tails of the Husky schematics and unfortunately trailech is unfamiliar with the husky lay out. Motosportz also told me that they are not exactly sure which wires I have to tap into. I made purchases from both companies on this set up and will pass on the info I obtain. So any assistance at this time will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. rwolf

    trailtech stator/reg 2006 te

    I believe 100 watts and not to hard to install. I plan on running the x-2 halogen headlight.
  11. Installed stator and regulator on my 2006 TE450. Works like a champ, but the tail light flickers. There were no schematics detailing the regulator wiring so I wired it black/blue, red/red, yellow/yellow, yellow/white. Any info/photo on how you wired it would be appreciated.
  12. rwolf

    2006 TE450 not running right

    The valves were in spec and I cleaned the heck out of the carb including replacing individual jets. Still trying though.
  13. 2006 TE450. Bike starts with choke and seems like it is going to run fine. Once I go to ride it there is a low end burble and the bike dies. Then it is almost impossible to start again. I rebuilt the carb several times and even changed the pilot jet/fuel filters and put in fresh gas. Still no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. rwolf

    new ims tank with graphics

    Is the seat cut down or were you able to purchase it? Is it actually a lower saddle or just more padding? Thanks
  15. rwolf

    crf230 Mikuni carb upgrade?

    Just found the Mikuni while looking for other parts. So if for now that will be the option.