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  1. TBT racing, Im freinds with the northwest tech. here in central Wa. Dan changed springs, re-valve, and stiffer spring on my shock. all for 600.
  2. I dont know, after reading all the posts, they all have points, I bought my 05 450 after not riding for about 15 years, and then I didnt really ride that much, but I had a husky 500cr. After only riding for a couple years now, Im doing more on my bike (at 40 years old) than I ever have in all my riding days. The thing Ive found in my 450 is that you dont have to ride it balls out, its a four stroke, you can lug it and go slow if you want. You can take it easy at first, and work up to the power thats available. Just my experience....
  3. Only water (or other liquid that will freeze) expands when froze, water molicules form a more uniform shape when froze, therefor expanding, when water is in liqiud form the molicules tend to "mesh" and is more dence, taking less room.
  4. Ive got an 05 crf 450r, with not alot of time on it, I dont ride that much due to work and family, anyway, I can feel what I beleive is my clutch slipping, mostly third gear through fifth when I opened it up on a gravel road. I said something to my buddy about it and he said "no way", that there is no way I have rode my bike hard enough (this is true, Im pretty new to riding) or have enough hours on it. Can anyone hear give me some experience with this? had it happen to you? etc. Maybe Ive got bad plates from the factory or something? Or is it wheel spin? I dunno. It could be just that Im trying to ride it like a two stroke. Thanks for your input..........Kenny
  5. I had em, and I hated em, no room for knee brace, the cuffed leg is too tight, cant pull them up high enough for room to bend your knee with out getting so tight you cant move. just the velcro on my knee brace tore up the inside, and they get all twisted and they just suck. Troy Lee from now on. just my 2 cents and experience.
  6. not sure for that one, but mine was a Regina, dunno, I trusted the guy at the shop, and didnt pay that much attention. but it did rub, and left a nice groove. sorry if I led to believe I knew of the one your talking about.
  7. yes,(an o-ring chain) will rub, I learned the hard way, it made a nice groove around my counter shaft sproket, its not deep, but I still dont like it. I think the shop I bought it at should have known this, Im not blaming, couse I could have checked myself. It cant be seen until I take the chain off. Has anyone else had this happen? and did it cause any major damage? or just cosmetic?...Kenny.
  8. Ive got an 04, its the most comfortable helmet ive had on my head.
  9. Ive got an 05 crf 450r. Every time out I get more confident, progressing fast. feeling really good on my bike. Anyway, Ive found that Im getting stuck between third and fourth. (stock gearing) Topped out in third, but fourth is to fast. will a different chain ring in the back solve this? do I need one more or less tooth? any one else have this issue?........thanks, Kenny
  10. Ya, It just takes time, and taking it easy. When I pulled mine out, it took about 4 weeks before I got back on my mountain bike, then that same ride I hit a drop that I didnt look at first. Hit a tree with the same shoulder and broke my collar bone. So by the time that was healed, my seperated shoulder was fine too. all took about 3 months before I was 100% ........Kenny
  11. got an 05 450r and was wondering if I remove the back-fire screen from the filter basket, If that will make a difference in power or just cause me to have to re-jet and open a can of worms. Sorry if this is a re-post, but just looking for info. thanks for any input........Kenny
  12. Dude, before you put your gear on, put your socks on, put on the shin/knee gaurds, then your pants, then your boots. You cant really even feel they're there after a couple minutes. I use 661. ..........Kenny
  13. Ive heard of that happening too. Mine has slipped a couple of times, and I could see how it could be a problem. So when I kick mine over I try and "feel" for the kickstarter to be in contact with the gear. Nice, slow easy kick and it starts all the time.
  14. We are now "lab rats" and are participating in a giant popularity contest. This should be interesting...
  15. thats the 250f........