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  1. mootsuno

    TE 450, what do I try next?

    I too have an '06 TE450 with a throttle cam. The next best hing you can do, in my opinion is add a Rekluse clutch. I'm an intermediate rider and it allows me to some things I probably couldn't do otherwise. Mine starts engaging about 2200 rpms and and the hit's pretty smooth, easier for me to control. It's especially good with rocks, roots and ruts, you can just ease through them. It's pricey but worth it. Dean
  2. mootsuno

    Husky Litigation?

    Last September I was in the local ktm, honda, kawi dealer looking around and started speaking with one of the salesman. He asked what kind of bike I had and I said a Husky TE450. The first thing to come out of his mouth was that the DMV was going to take my plate away because Husky had skirted the rules and the TE's weren't really legal. Well I'm on my 2nd plate from the DMV as the first was destroyed. Walked in, gave them $18 and walked out with a new plate. I guess he really wanted to sell me a ktm! Not that there's anything wrong with that. However, the TE the best dirtbike I've ever had. mootsuno
  3. mootsuno

    Another speedo problem

    Update. The plastics nubs of the plug-in connector from the speedo pick-up broke and the two ends worked themselves apart causing an intermittent signal. Only about a mm or so, so it wasn't noticeableat first. Pushed them together, added a zip tie and some liner tape, no more problem. I should have checked those kind of items first. I've just read so many problems with the speedos, I assumed the worst. Glad it turned out to be an easy fix.
  4. mootsuno

    Another speedo problem

    Thanks for the advice coffee. I happen to have my buddy's '07 te250 in the garage so I swapped the computers. Mine worked just fine on his bike so it's the connections somewhere. I'll start tracking it down. BTW you have a very cool name! Dean
  5. mootsuno

    Another speedo problem

    The actual speedometer function of the computer on my '06 te450 has gone a little haywire. Last weekend I rode in the Sheetiron 300 dual sport ride and I couldn't keep track of my mileage so my roll chart was sort of useless. Luckily I was riding with some friends so I just followed them. No problem with reading the LED display. the mph function was jumping all over the place. From 1 mph to 90 mph and anywhere in between that's when riding at a constant speed. Tach, hours and clock are all fine, but since the speedo is inaccurate so is the odometer. I checked some of the posts and followed their suggestions, cleaning, applying dielectric grease to the LED contacts, cleaning the wheel magnet and the pick-up sensor and screwed the sensor closer to the magnet. None of it worked. Any ideas would be appreciated. Or, maybe I'll just get a vapor for it. Thanks, Dean
  6. mootsuno

    Sheetiron 300

    I received my confirmation today, #184. Anybody else get theirs?
  7. Hey Dirtlord, I met you at the Doc Wong clinic a few months ago. I was riding my TE450. Anyway, we have a group of riders going from the Northbay. I don't know everybody, but probably intermediate riders. You're welcome to hang with us, if you don't mind slower riders. We may have another Husky rider with us. One of my buddies is looking to purchase a TE250 before the ride, he's going back and forth between the Husky and a DRZ400 and you know what I'm encouraging him to do. Let's hope he makes the right decision. Let me know what you'd like to do. Dean mootsuno@yahoo.com
  8. I have an old '86 Toytoa long bed pick-up. I can fit my TE and a friends DRZ400 in with the tail gate closed. There our tie down loops in the bed so it's no problem securing the bikes. Plus this old truck with about 150k miles on it gets 27 mpg on the freeway and I wouldn't hestitate to drive it anywhere.
  9. mootsuno

    What happened to George from Uptite?

    I ordered some parts from George today. He answered on the 2nd ring, I placed my order, talked about parts he'll have available in the near future. Then he said my order should ship today. COD of course. Hopefully, one day George will take credit cards but his parts are worth going the COD route. Try calling him again.
  10. mootsuno

    Thinking about selling but....

    Last September I bought a te450 on ebay for $5300. It had 260 miles on it and about $1200 worth of extras. (rekluse clutch, ims tank and a number of other items) I had shipped cross country for $600 so total was $5900. I think I got a pretty good deal.
  11. mootsuno

    Heated Grips

    Any good suggestions for heated grips for an '06 te450? Last couple of weekends we've been breaking the ice on puddles and even went through some snow flurries. This is in the lower elevations of northern California so we're not used to it. I sure some of you in the colder areas will have some good ideas, and we're probably not as tough as you. Thanks mootsuno
  12. Here's the info I received from Dan at Motoxotica. Completely drain the system including screens and filter. Fill with oil until you reach check screw. Put the screw in and add 150ml more oil. This is for a '06 te450, I would assume the 510 is the same.
  13. mootsuno

    Husky Ride Reports???

    I was at Doc Wong's riding clinic at Clear Creek on Sunday. I was on an '06 TE450 and there was another te 450, a te 510 and a te 250 out of about 50 bikes. I figure an 8% turn out is pretty good.
  14. mootsuno

    TE250 or TE450 dilemma

    Unfortunaely my DRZ is a 2003 red sticker bike, not a green. Also, one of my buddies is buying my DRZ so everybody's happy! Dean mootsuno
  15. mootsuno

    TE250 or TE450 dilemma

    I have both a DRZ400e and a '06 TE450. I really like the DRZ, easy to ride, dependable and a fun bike. However, in California, it can't be plated and I wanted something I could connect trails with. The TE seemed to fit the bill. I found one on ebay already tricked out with only 260 miles on it. Won the auction, had it shipped here, got it registered. The previous owner set it up great for trail riding. Jd jetting kit, Rekluse clutch and a throttle cam system. When I took trail riding for the first time all I can say is WOW!, what a difference from the DRZ. I'm only an average rider but this thing is faster, lighter and better handling. With the Rekluse clutch and the slow leak jet in the carb you can ride very slow and technical sections without worrying about applying too much throttle. Very easy to control. However, when you pin throttle and wind it up it has more power than my meager abilities can afford. On a stretch of fire road a couple hundred of yards long, I thought I run it up through the gears. It got up to speed extremely fast. When we finished the ride for the day I was running through the trip computer to check the days mileage. Boy was I suprised to see my max speed for the day at 67mph! That's faster than I want to go but the bike was completely at ease. So that's two cents, go for the 450. (and put in a Rekluse clutch) Dean