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    Can't shift into 1st gear after clutch exploded

    The shifter goes down when it's it neutral but doesn't engage the gear. I rode it a bit and it felt fine shifting in 2nd and 3rd. I didn't try 4th or 5th.
  2. I had to replace my clutch on my 99 YZ250 because the last time it was done didn't work so well. I didn't have the right tool to tighten the clutch basket and probably weakened one of the fingers. I started the bike and when I put it in gear it didn't sound very good and stalled out. I pulled the clutch cover and one of the arms had sheared off leaving a big mess of metal in the tranny. Probably from trying to use the finger for leverage to tighten the bolt weakening it. I got a new outer hub, inner hub and clutch plates. I also made a tool with the old plates to correctly torque the bolt. So after it was installed it ran just fine. However I can't shift it into 1st gear anymore. The gear is completely gone. Not rough or grinding. Lowest gear is now neutral. I don't know if something bad in the tranny happened when I put it in 1st last time and grenaded the clutch pack or something went wrong on the new clutch install. I did loosen the bolts for the shift lever to try and clean out metal. However the rod wouldn't pull out after removing the 2 bolts. Not sure if that's normal or not. Anything easy to try or do I need to split the cases and inspect the transmission?