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  1. locknload

    Parts Manuals

    Does any body know where i can purchase,get for free or even just view parts manuals for a 02 YZF 250 and a 03 WR 450 Cheers
  2. locknload

    Recomendations on Rear Sprocket Size?

    Just remember it puts alot more strain on the chain going around a smaller front sprocket
  3. locknload

    Valve Cover

    Cheers guys gunna do it later on today
  4. locknload

    Valve Cover

    Hi I want to check valve clearances on my 03 WR450 in the next few days. The manual says to remove the carb and the top engine mount. what has to be removed to get the valve cover off Cheers Doug
  5. locknload

    Dumb question about spark plug boot

    Flashlight lol
  6. locknload

    Dumb question about spark plug boot

    I think you will find that the boot or cap screws onto the lead. have a look with a torch and you will see what looks like a self tapping screw
  7. locknload

    Oil for WR450

    Hi to all first post tonight-this is an excellent web site-now for my ? i have just bought an 03 WR450 and as i have been away from dirt bikes for a few years (hell in my dirt bike days 4 strokes were not even cosidered to be dirt bikes lol ) I currently ride a 04 Aprilia RSVR 1000 and a 1998 Triumph T595 and the girlfriend rides a 2001 Ducati 748 and a 1995 Ducati 750 Monster. All these bikes run on Mobil 4T which is a full synthetic motorbike oil. Would this oil be allright to run in the WR. Or do you have any recomendations Cheers people