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    rpm problem

    probably right with the fuel problem, gas will turn in as short of a time as 30 days, take the carb and soak all the metal parts in gunk carb cleaner over night to loosen the varnish, then blow all the small holes out with the spray gumout, also i use fuel stabilizer in all my motors cars, trucks welder, even weedwacker is i dont plan on using them for a month or more, its a lot better than cleaning and cursing when they dont run
  2. oldtimeryzf450

    04 yzf 450 questions

    I just bought a brand new 04 YZF 450 at Christmas at the dealer for $5100, they are trying to get them off the floor. I love the bike it has good power all around. I do agree however its set up more for the track and it feels like its missing a good low 1st gear but its like anything else and it all depends on what you use it for. I have no problem learning to use the tall 1st gear now, just dont go crazy around a lot of tight trees. $3700 for a one year old used bike? Save the extra $$$ and get it brand new, that way less headachs