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  1. kevin_c

    most technical trail in colorado

    How were the river crossings at the end of alpine trail? i did it a few weeks ago and there was quite a lot of water.
  2. kevin_c

    Trash left by PCT hikers

    ive seen much more litter along the pct than any motorized trail. and they like to crap right next to the trail, not bury it and throw the tp on the trail.
  3. kevin_c

    In memory of the Piutes.....

    theres a lot of dead trees up there , and its been hot lately so i would imagine it would be fairly dry, i havent been up there since christmas but it usually is and ive heard its been hot up there. there was a small fire up there about 2 years ago and they got that out in amatter of days but that one was on the east side near sorrell where the forest isnt as dense. around where this one started theres a lot more dead dry timber and much more brush. I always feared this would happen, it was just a matter of time i guess. those mountains are probably the only thing i miss about living in CA and now there gone. i was really looking foward to riding up there again this fall but now it will be years until they let us back up there, and by then about 1/4 of the trails we currently ride up there will be open, if that.
  4. kevin_c

    KTM AV/Mojave closed

    no, they suck
  5. kevin_c

    2 stroke dual sport

    ive got a plated 250 mxc, its nice to have the plate , i love the bike on the trail but its horrible on the street. if you are mostly riding trails with minimal pavement then its great but if youre on the road a lot maybe you should stick with a 4 stroke.
  6. kevin_c

    Converting 06 crf450r for woods

    sell it and buy a 2 stroke off road bike. ive got a 450r with the heavy flywheel, much lower gearing, 18" wheel, trials tire, all that crap and its still a total pig compared to a nearly stock older ktm 250 mxc ive got. the 450 is a little more stable in the rough stuff at speed and much more comfortable on road sections but thats about it.
  7. kevin_c

    Any chance I installed the flywheel wrong?

    hey vinny delete some pms, i tried sending you a message but youre box was full
  8. kevin_c

    weep hole leak

    i would replace the shaft as well, mine was shot when my seals went out, i think i replaced a bearing as well, it was a while ago so i dont remember all the details but it seems to be a common problem.
  9. kevin_c

    what wheels fit???

    the 05 and up hubs are a bit larger but all the critical dimensions are the same so all the same rotors, sprockets and spacers will fit, you will just get a crappier hub.
  10. kevin_c

    Removing dents from titanium head pipe

    ive used the expandable rubber plugs from the plumbing section of the hardware store in both ends, fill it with water and freeze it. the plugs may pop out when the water expands so it may take a few tries and get carbon all over youre freezer. i think the plugs were 1 1/2" and they were a perfect fit but im not positive on the size, just that it was an inch size and they were cheap and worked. my header was almost completely pinched off and it came out pretty damn straight after a few freezer sessions with no damage to the pipe.
  11. kevin_c

    Any chance I installed the flywheel wrong?

    the marks should be pretty close at eye level, if its of its pretty obvious, if youre not sure rotate the cam one tooth either way and you will see if you had it right or wrong. pull the plug out of the other side of the motor to line up the crank. ive had it off 3 or 4 teeth and it started with a lot of effort and didnt do any damage. i just put the same flywheel in yesterday and it seems to run fine. do you have the lighting stator too? i dont seem to be getting any power from the lighting leads, the voltmeter reads about 1 volt. the only thing i can think of is the stators bad or i dont have it grounded properly, i ran a ground straight to the frame, does that work?
  12. kevin_c

    Cement Creek Trails

    all the singletrack on the uncompahgre plateau is closed until july
  13. kevin_c

    Just moved to Utah!!

  14. kevin_c

    Moab's only designated motorcycle singletrack...

    Heres a few pictures from Saturday We got quite a bit done on Saturday on the ATV loop, and had a good 50 mile ride on Sunday with minimal work. Everyone should try to make it out there at least one day, its the least we can do to keep all the trails rideable.
  15. kevin_c

    Moab's only designated motorcycle singletrack...

    i would like to try to make it out there to help on either on the 10th or 18th. im new to this reigon but i did a lot of trail maintenance back in california and would like to start getting involved out here.