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  1. mickbroom

    Pics from buddys track

    great pics wish my back yard lokked like that
  2. mickbroom

    husaberg rear brakes

    thanks for the advise i will cheack it today before i install the new pads
  3. mickbroom

    Bmw 450

    looks pretty cool
  4. feel sorry for the kid who has to go without his bike
  5. mickbroom

    Riding Pics.

    nice photos
  6. mickbroom

    most evil trail i've ever been!!!

    looks like fun i like that type of challenge
  7. mickbroom

    husaberg rear brakes

    i have a 06 fe 450e with 500 ks on it and have badly worn out one rear brake pad . the pad has worn on one end more than the other is this common or is it something to do with set up of the caliper any thoughts or info would be appreciated
  8. mickbroom

    ha ha suzuki drz

    my brother in law has a 2005 drz 400 that has spat its exaust valves ruined the head punched a hole in the piston and put steel shavings down the crank case. he called my berg euro trash but who has the trash now ha ha ha!
  9. mickbroom

    valve clearences berg fe450e

    i have been told three different opinions on when valve clearences should be checked wondering how often other owners check theirs any info would be appreciated thanks
  10. mickbroom

    KLX 110 owners, would you do it again?

    we have two of them in oz they have been super reliable and have not had a problem in 12 months
  11. mickbroom

    on road restriction

    hi just wondering if the 06husaberg fe450e has any type of restictors
  12. mickbroom

    husaberg fe450

    the 450 has awesome handling on and off road compared to some of the other enduros i have owned . it has smooth useable power and a sweet sound from the air filter. Due for first service soon cant wait to see if the performance changes
  13. mickbroom

    new bike

    picked up my brand new husaberg fe450e this week and im very impressed after trading in my 2005 yz450 i was a bit worried about stepping down in power but was very suprised and do not regret it at all all round awesome bike to ride
  14. mickbroom

    husaberg fe450

    thanks for the info. paid for my bike today pick it up next week
  15. mickbroom

    husaberg fe450

    hi first time buyer of a husaberg fe450 just wondering if there is inherent problems with these bikes