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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've determined it's an S/SM Cheers again, Ted
  2. hmmm The only letter on my intake cam is F. As in "29F" My EX Cam has an "E" stamped on it though..... I guess the intake doesn't have a stamp ???
  3. Hey all. I got a second hand top end for parts... Now, I don't know if it came off an E or an S/SM Does anyone how how to tell the difference ? The only markings on them are the timing marks on the cam gears. I don't have the bike to compare them as it's overseas. Thanks in advance. Ted
  4. tedmagnum

    Extra Fuel Storage- Options?

    You have to be careful with oil bottles. Most of them don't seal well at all. They rely on the "peel off" foil strip.
  5. tedmagnum

    Extra Fuel Storage- Options?

    Acerbis also do 5l and 7.5L auxily tanks that can be fitted to your forks (where your headlamp is) or opposite your exhaust... WAY cheaper than a main tank.
  6. Yup.. Its part of the linkage system.. Its an L-shaped lever which makes the suspension "progressive" though it's movement. Attached to the swingarm/shock/frame ! Ted
  7. As Charlie Sheene would say ... " WINNING " I'm not going to give up on this one.... It's personal
  8. Well, I've found a 2003 RM125 lever on ebay for £25 delivered. It looks identical and the bearings are already removed.. Fingers crossed they're the same !!
  9. A new lever is £300 in Europe !!!!!! That's about $500 for you guys !! Holey crap !!
  10. Yeah, this looks like my only option really... Although, I fear it wont peel out. The shell and aluminium have fused. It just breaks off in tiny pieces with a lot of effort. I was wondering if I could get it bored/ground out like an engine cylinder. The cost might make this non-feasible though. The problem is, all the bearings are like this in the lever.. Nightmare !
  11. After a nightmare day of removing the bolts from a 2003 bike which has never seen a grease gun, I'm now faced with a bigger task.. The bearing shells are SOOOO corroded, they've bonded to the aluminium. I heated the alu. up nicely and used a press but the bearing just collapsed. I had to stop before I warped or cracked the aluminium.. This is by far the worst I've ever seen. I'v changed plenty of these but this job is a nightmare. Any ideas here on how to get these bearings out ?? I'd tried the "chip and peel" method but they're bonded solid. Ideally, I'd just replace the lever but its going to cost mega $$$$$$$ and there's none of Ebay here in the U.K...
  12. Ask me no questions, and I shall tell you no lies !! heh heh
  13. OWNED IT !!!!!!!!!!! I removed the swingarm and brake pedal etc. It gave me more perspective on the tast.. Well, I heated the whole joint up with a heat gun for a good 10 minutes. It was almost glowing. Then with a BIG metal mallet and a cold chizzle dating from WW1, I beat hell out of that bolt from a 30 degree angle. I beat it and beat it until my whole body was shaking and it eventually budged 2mm. It took another 15 mins of pounding before I finally got it out. The bolt was drier than a nuns crevis and rusted heavily.... This British climate is HARD on bikes.... Well, thanks for all your advice and support !
  14. Removing the swing-arm won't help as its the frame that's blocking access. I've tried all angles and cant get better than about 45 degrees which is no good ! AHHHHHHHH !!!