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    Jetting Problem

    Sorry for the long time replying, when i give the bike a fist full in 1st or 2nd the throttle gets to about half way and then nothing the bike coughs and spluters and has no power until i change gear and then it goes again until it hits the same spot the misses. i wonder if the carb need a different jet but i am not sure ?? the engine is from a 1987 xbr 500
  2. Hi Guys I have been building a project bike for 18 months now, finally i have got it on the road. The bike is based on a Honda XBR500, i have used KTM USD front forks, a NC30 swing arm, XL 500 tank, Honda Bros wheels as well as various bits and pieces from other things. My Problem is that i have fitted a KN type air filter and i have a complete lack of power at around 4500 rpm. Can anyone tell me what i need to do to the carb to try and improve this. I have attached a link to bikepics so you can see some photo's of the monster. Cheers Tim http://www.bikepics.com/members/interadd/87xbr500