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  1. jobaa

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    first bike was a '62 greeves 24MX.
  2. jobaa

    Xr600 Help

    i was afraid of that. i guess i'll get used to it. thanks, john
  3. i have a flat spot or a bog when i gas it quick, almost like applying the brake. if i roll the throttle easy it doesn't have the problem and accelerates well and has good top end, no plug fouling. i have the stock jets and needle position now with the air screw about 2 1/4 turns out. i went up a size on the pilot and main jets but it was too hard to start. (about 10 kicks) i put the stock pilot jet back and it solved the starting problem. i tried moving the needle up and down with the one size larger main jet but no difference. i put the stock main back in, no difference. i have a k&n filter and the stock pipe with a supertrapp muffler with 13 plates. i took a couple out, no better. we ride in the high desert of socal about 2400 - 2800 ft. i don't think the altitude is an issue. according to honda the stock jetting should be fine. i went up on the main because of the exhaust and air filter. i was told that this was common among four strokes but i'm skeptical. do i have too many discs in the silencer?
  4. jobaa

    Bike cleaning

    i don't use a pressure washer because it forces water into places it shouldn't be. the only time i clean a bike is just before i sell it. but if it gets muddy on a ride i'll rinse it off. thats all.
  5. jobaa

    Do you sticker your bike ?

    it doesn't make sense to me to pay for a product then give the manufacturer free advertising by way of stickers on the bike. if they give me the item i'll put a sticker on but so far my bike is bare. i even took off the honda stickers it came with. i had to buy the bike you know.
  6. jobaa

    Parts available for this Bike? Chinese

    at this piont, i'd buy a used bike built by one of the better known makers before i would buy a new chinese bike. i rode one once. a crude copy. although china is emerging as an industrial super power with quality stuff like japan has in the last 40 years they still have a ways to go to catch up to japan. good luck