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    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    I would beware of doing business with this guy. I had a very ad experience. I ordered a kit from him and never received it even though he charged my debit card over 1000 dollars on day one. When I followed up with him for status over 5-6 week period, he was very defensive and arrogant. His kits are very expensive compared to trick, bd, etc. I never receieved an ivoice for the charges he hit me with. They admitted that they mistakenly charged my card too early but indicated that they would send kit very shortly (ala within a week). After 5 weeks he told me that they werent even working on my kit but they would get right on it and that i need to exhibit more patience. I responded that after being charged over 1k with no explanation that I have a right to check status. He then suggested that I get a refund, I agreed, and he hit me with some bogus service charges (his explanation was that he incurred credit card charges-not sure what that means). They guy may provide a valuable service with DMV stuff but there are much better alternatives in my opinion. Dale (Trick DS) builds high quality kits and is a world of help with advice, etc. good luck dealing with Joe Racer/Off Road Only.