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  1. sesleigher

    oil circulation problem 1977TT500

    thanx guys i appreceate all the help slacker
  2. sesleigher

    Cheating Wife / Moto Post

    replace all three chain,sprocet,wife LOL
  3. sesleigher

    oil circulation problem 1977TT500

    hey brent i measured and mic'd both pumps and they are within specs,however the small ball and rubber seat seem worn. I beleive this may be my problem.the only problem is i can not find the part numbers of the parts i need listed in the micro fiche.they don't even show these items.if ya have these numbers i would greatly appreciate the help..thanks again sesleigher
  4. sesleigher

    oil circulation problem 1977TT500

    thanks for all the great info brent.sorry it took so long to reply its been a long summer all work and no play.the bad part is i work at an outdoor atv/dirtbike park . go figure:applause:
  5. HELP i'm going outta my mind trying to figure out my oiling problem well here it is this pertains to a 1977 TT500 dirtbike the oil is not returning to the in frame tank but still seems to be making it to the head. i have checked all the screens and found none of them clogged,the oil line going to the frame located under the feul tank is not pinched,swollen or damaged in any other way the oil filter and all oil passages are clear and free of any obtructions the only thing that i have found to be suspect is that the lower oil line has a soft spot in the rubber part.but that should not effect the oil retturning to the tank because i beleive that that line is the supply or suction side it attaches to the bottom of the frame by the frame drain bolt i'm just hoping that it is not the oil pump this condition seemed to happen over nite i noticed that it seemed to be using oil according to the dipstick so i just added some more oil and then all of a sudden the bike started shooting oil outta the exhaust and then would not start because the sparkplg was fouled with oil when i drained the engine i found that i had way too much oil in the engine (amature move there) i would appreciate any input thanks sesleigher:excuseme:
  6. sesleigher

    don vesco plastic feul tanks

    thanks for the replies everybody.i will check out clarke and see what they can do for me. slacker
  7. i have two 1977 yamaha TT500 dirtbikes that i,m restoring for the upcoming riding season and would like to replace the original aluminum tanks with larger more durable plastic tanks..i have not found anyone who sells these tanks yet. i saw a picture on the web of a bike that had exactly what i need and it was called a Don Vesco desert tank. please let me know if anyone knows where to get this tank or maybe a company that can make them. thanks