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  1. well i am selling my CA plated 2005 WR-450F as well. Been pated for 4 years so i am guessing the myth of getting a plate after 2004 is just that: A MYTH.
  2. I guess that is why i am selling my plated WR. I figure the Walmart warranty on the emissions sticker is going to run out.
  3. i got mine by going.... . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . to walmart.
  4. that is correct. and don't say you have been here for more then a day or two. also don't get caught more then one. being entered into a computer is a b!@ch because they never forget.
  5. if you live in CA have a CA dl and a vehicle registered elsewhere your bike will be impounded if it is not registered in cali i believe after 30 days of the bike entering CA. they did away with all this a while ago because people were buying sand rails in ca and registering them in AZ and then using them in cali. so if you have a MO address and a MO dl don't get a CA dl.
  6. i am selling my self plated wr450. time for a change and i was never pulled over. i say plate it and worry about jonny law later on. btw i self plated almost 4 yrs ago and i am in cali. just registered it again. to all nea sayers.
  7. i did the plating. CA plated bikes are worth quite a bit more then normal dirt bikes in CA (plated dirt bikes from other states are not allowed last I checked). This bike has been plated for a few years. I just paid for the renewal again for its 3rd year, It has the lights (i should say i have the lights in a box now) It has the mirror and such and when I took it to the DMV they checked off the box that said it had an emissions sticker (impossible to do these days) and I had the dealer (baja designs) sign the necessary paperwork the DMV needed. So I don't forsee being flagged by the DMV/CARB like all the dealer plated bikes were. Now i do know KTM made a few street legal dirt bikes and they are still holding their value. Suzuki also made the DRZ and I beleive they are doing ok on value. I also know NADA and Kelly could never come up with a price on this. Last I recall a few years back was that the plate added $1,000 to $1,500 premium. If this is still the case I guesstimate that I should go at $5,500-$5,300 and let someone negotiate.
  8. Supermotojunkies will have to try that and i will try ktmtalk. good suggestions. I guess it is hit and miss on the price.
  9. So is CL still the best option or do you think an ad here might be better served? My buddy had a guy from San Fran drive all the way down just to buy his quad last week. Obviously CL is free. Anyone sold a bike on here? How fast is the turn? I tried to sell my last dirt bike 4 years ago on Cycle Trader and it took 5 months so I am not really going to go that route again.
  10. I concur however I don't want to come accross as a Jack A$$ if I ask for the moon. I want to be reasonable. I am not looking to gouge anyone however if the value is so low I would not sell it.
  11. I was thinking of selling my Yamaha wr450F 2005 bike. It is California street legal and i just renewed the registration. I has the baja designs kit that makes it a dual sport. I know how to get a normal guesstimate of what it is worth however this is the holly grail for those people that want to flip the bird at leo when riding. I have to say its wonderful for leo to pull you over and they grab their ticket book because no green sticker is seen then i just calmly point to the rear of my bike and smile. It has been legal for about 2-3 years now. I have the pink and have never been hassled and have rode it a few times around town. So where do I find the added premium value that a PLATE adds to a dirt bike in cali?
  12. I have a 2005 CA Plated WR450F. It has a desert tank along with the new titanium q4 i believe quiet pipe. I just reregistered it for another year. The rear tire is a bit thin in the teeth. It has the red adjustable butterfly needle and been rejetted. It also has a gps on it with integrated charger. It has the baja designs dual sport kit on it. so yes it comes with the funky faulty light switch. i also had a ignition key put in. I also replaced the starter last year. It runs on engine ice and semi syn oil. Has been taken care of well and it has all it orignal plastics and tank. WHAT IS THIS WORTH in this economy? I was thinking $5,000 because the CA plate is worth its weigh in gold. What do you guys think?
  13. is the mega bomb a better way to go over a power bomb?
  14. idb? was looking at that. is it true you have to order a separate part to get it down to
  15. yes i did the search. 05 plated wr450 all free mods done. rejetted and new needle. currently i have a big gun that is loud as heck. it has fresh packing and it has a baffle still loud as loud can be. last month we went to shaver lake and went rock crawling. not to smart but hey what is done is done. i smashed up the header pipe pretty bad. so my ? is who makes the best combo for the best price? i want to be around the 96db so i wont get hassled in the future and i obviously need to get a header and the muffler. i have seen the fmf. a yoshimura pipe was recommended as well. i trust all of you more then a few wiseacres i know. what do you all think?