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  1. brycee

    Anyone ridden Watkins this week?

    UPDATE: If you're planning on heading out there tomorrow, I would recommend it. I went ahead and went out today anyway and it was pretty nice for the most part. There were a few pretty wet spots and that one big sweeper around the tree was still frozen, but other than that it's in pretty good condition. I had the track entirely to myself most of the afternoon!
  2. I want to head out there today but I'm worried it's going to be pretty muddy. Anyone have actual track conditions? Bryce
  3. Here's mine... it never sits still. seriously though, can you beat this?
  4. brycee

    Possibly switching from Honda?

    I bought my 07 450 when it was current for 6900... I think they should come down from where they are. From the honda you'll find the ergos to not be too different. The ktm motor is much smoother and easy to ride, especially that 505. If you get the suspension set up correctly for your riding style and weight, you'll find it to be one of the most plush set-ups you'll ever ride. I've ridden them all pretty much. The KTM is a great bike! Good luck with your decision.
  5. Yes. Sorry. I edited the post.
  6. OBDTP is the current code. Right now in Second position from top... stock is supposedly 4th. I also have the JD Kit if you have notes or believe I should run some variation of that. It's not in there right now though except for the o-ring mod.
  7. Cool, I'm excited that you have information on this one!
  8. Thanks Dave, Eddie has helped with an issue before... so I have complete confidence in him. Don't count on hearing back from JD too soon. The lady in the office said that James is in Europe for a time traveling... didn't say how long. I was pretty surprised how far off the jetting specs were that came with the kit. I had always heard so much praise about them, but it bike case the bike would hardly run.
  9. brycee

    For the Front Range MX tracks...

    Thanks for that... while I was at the track I started going through all the local KTM dealers until I ended up on the phone with them. It was only then that I was able to get the bike to atleast run. It wasn't perfect, but they got it so I could make a few laps. From there I probably just need to tinker. Thanks for the recommendation though. This whole procedure has made me want to go get on one of the new efi bikes waiting list. Some young kid had an 09 Honda out there that day already and it sounded like it was running perfect!
  10. Oh thank you, thank you!!!
  11. Bump... Please advise Eddie. I think this thing is way off and I'm getting no response from JD and the KTM shop here hasn't got a clue.
  12. See the thread at the top for pilot circuit setting. It sounds like you just need to adjust the air/fuel screw. The main jet won't have anything to do with it... if anything you may need to bump up your pilot jet if you have to turn the fuel screw too far out.
  13. brycee

    For the Front Range MX tracks...

    That was the worst day of riding I've ever had. I made probably a total of 10 laps in 5 hours because I can't find where the jetting needs to be. None of the KTM dealers in the area are any help so it's a hunt and peck game. One thing that really pissed me off is that the JD jetting kit I bought was so far off base that it wasn't even usable. I had to return to what I came from Seattle with and just start trying different things. I tore my carb down 6 times...
  14. brycee

    For the Front Range MX tracks...

    Hating... I wish I had one on order... but I'm here from Grad school so I probably can't get away with buy another bike! Anyways, I got everything put back together and it started right up after sitting almost a month during the move. Good sign. I'm on my way over to Thunder Valley in the next hour or so. If anyone is going out this afternoon, come say hi. #129 KTM