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  1. andie_moto

    07 crf250 vs 06 crf250

    what valve problem i have an 06 crf??
  2. andie_moto

    got hone today have question...

    i use a airosol can and 1200 grit wet and dry get a can a bit smaller than the cylender and wrap sand paper around until it is snug in the cylender and the put fairy & water on it and spin it around and back and forth... never had a problem clean with petrol after
  3. andie_moto

    Which 06 Bike Should ThumperTalk Build?

    make me a cr 85 and stick a crf450 engine. sorted
  4. andie_moto

    Out of all of them.

    puma ky110 with 125 big bore kit, very relyable i have it road legal with speedo and it does 87mph tops and kicks thumpstars ,xsports, etc arses i have a 17 front sprocket and 30 rear a sano pipe, fat 350-12 scooter tyres, sano forks, a kx65 rear shock, 12 inch wheels and has been finely tuned with a mikuni 28mm carb this bike is awsome i have been from london to wales neumerace times flat out all the way no problems (87 mph all 200 odd miles) now thats what i call a good bike
  5. andie_moto

    help pleaseee!

    how could a streched clutch cable make a bike knock into neutral!!
  6. andie_moto


    k 2 solve the problem get a cr500 ..they have one **** of a band and WILL kick nearly any off road bike's ass
  7. andie_moto

    Pit Bike Service manual

    ebay is a good source
  8. andie_moto

    yz 250f air filter

    id just use my comon sense
  9. andie_moto

    If you had 2k to spend.....

    why not save a bit more, buy a crf450 motor for £5000 and make a frame for the beast then buy some sano's and a few other goodies, that would be the best mini arround
  10. andie_moto

    what plug?

    a "torch"
  11. andie_moto

    Pit Bike Service manual

    yeah ask the chinese they will tell you !!
  12. andie_moto

    shifting porblem

    has anyone heard of bm engineering ? its the company that made my bike
  13. andie_moto


    yeah i was thinkin that
  14. andie_moto

    Boreem BMS 125 vs. SSR 125

    the ssr is a good choice
  15. andie_moto

    My Pitbike keeps backfiring

    dont get confused ,it might just be popping this is normal for 4 strokes