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  1. darkdw15

    Big Bore Kit???

    I was wondering if anyone out there has added a 440 big bore kit to there 400? My top end in my machine needs a rebuild, so I was wondering if it would be better to just go to a big bore? Wondering how nuch more power it adds and if it makes the machine less reliable? Any feedback would be helpful along with what brands people have had success with? Also would I have to replace my cam on the big bore?
  2. darkdw15

    XR400 Suspension

    I ride a 1999 XR 400, it has seen its fair share of miles over the years and the suspension in the front is uneven on the forks. I have one side set as hard as it will go and the other side as light as it will go. I have changed the fork oil and there is no visible leaks. I was wondering if the springs need to be changed out? And if they do does anyone have any recommended spring sizes? I am 6'1'' and 190 pounds if that matters all that much. Thanks
  3. darkdw15

    YZ 80 Clutch Problem???

    I have recently re-built a clutch on a 2000 YZ 80. The only problem is that there is no pressure on the clutch lever. It moves around freely. I was wondering if the engine has to run first and then the pressure will be present or if I missed something. Hoping for some help before I take the engine apart again. I havent ran the engine yet still waiting on parts. Anyone experiance this before? Any Help?
  4. darkdw15

    YZ 80 Clutch Pressure

    I have recently rebuilt a clutch on a 2001 YZ 80. After the clutch was put in there was no pressure on the clutch lever. I am wondering does the engine have to turn activate the clutch after it is rebuilt or did I miss something? Haven't ran the engine yet still waiting on other parts but am curious to what the problem might be. Any Help?
  5. darkdw15

    XR400 Weight Loss?

    I am assuming the answer is to buy another bike but I was wondering if there is any ways to lower the weight of the bike without changing the look or ride of it? I have put upgrades into my machine and it is awesome to ride, I just wish I could loose 10 pounds off of it.
  6. darkdw15

    Removing Decompression lever

    Wouldnt recomended it me and my friend both ride '99 XR 400's and when the cable was removed the engine started making a clicking sound after a couple of seasons. The noise is the actuator on the cam shaft. It causes no damage and the bike is fine but the ticking sound drives me crazy. Would have left it on if I would have known.
  7. darkdw15

    Cr 80 oil leak

    Hey I recently bought a cr 80 for my younger brother and when we started it up I noticed the oil was coming out of the exhaust tip and manifold. I immediatley turned the bike off and change the fuel and oil. The leak seemed to be less but was still there. The bike runs good and is in rather good shape. The owner who I had bought it from said that it had been sitting for at least a year. So is this something that happens when it sits or do I have bigger problems?