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  1. warpt

    2000 cr250 desert tank

    i bought a desert tank for my cr 250 and was wondering how it bolts up by the front of tank? the tank has two inserts, like maybe a bracket bolts there? i got the tank used so i am thinking i didnt get the bracket.
  2. warpt

    cr 250 frame questions

    i have a 2000 model cr250r and my frame has a hairline crack, so i am looking for a new frame. i was wondering if all my parts will bolt on to the 2002+ frame? i heard that the handling is better on those frames???
  3. i am thinkg about buying a attitude toy hauler and i would like to get some feed back from anyone who has heard anything about them. i have heard some mixed felling about them so i wanted to know how you guys feel about them. thank you
  4. warpt

    450r vs. 450x

    what are the pros and cons for the both of them? does the x ride like the r ,or can you tell a big difference in the machines. i am interested in buying the x but i really like the way the r rides and havnt had a chance to ride a x yet. what do you guys think