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  1. On their web site they claim 3hp gain + up to 10,5k rpm. Are these boxes worth the $$? Do you have to change the carb at all? Thanks. Chris
  2. I went riding today and found that my water pump is leaking a few drips from the back side. I made sure all the bolts were tight but none were loose. Started it back up and ran it for a few minutes to see if it would leak more when it got hot. The drip stopped after a minute or so of running. What is happening?
  3. When I talked to Trail Tech, they stated ...... The DRZ ATV has a 4lbs flywheel which they make a lighter 3lbs flywheel for sale. They state a very noticable difference in the speed of rpms ie: revs quicker, more pull. She could not tell me the weight of the DRZ kick flywheel or if the two bikes have the same flywheel. If they do, I will be buying one from them. Chris For those that don't know here is the some info from Trail Tech.. Removing weight: Removing weight decreases inertia, which increases throttle response - more snap! Sand sucks power away from a quad, increasing throttle response is a good thing. A balanced flywheel will reduce vibration..
  4. Nate I called WER they don't carry the lighter flywheel any more. I guess my quest continues.... Thanks for the info. Chris
  5. Has anyone shaved weight off the flywheel? How much did you do? or if not I am looking for the flywheel weight on a 2000 DRZ400. Does the DRZ have the same the flywheel as the ATV version? Thanks for the info! Chris