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  1. Chris Flip

    Big Gun Rev Box

    On their web site they claim 3hp gain + up to 10,5k rpm. Are these boxes worth the $$? Do you have to change the carb at all? Thanks. Chris
  2. Chris Flip

    Water pump leak

    I went riding today and found that my water pump is leaking a few drips from the back side. I made sure all the bolts were tight but none were loose. Started it back up and ran it for a few minutes to see if it would leak more when it got hot. The drip stopped after a minute or so of running. What is happening?
  3. Chris Flip

    Weight of the flywheel?

    When I talked to Trail Tech, they stated ...... The DRZ ATV has a 4lbs flywheel which they make a lighter 3lbs flywheel for sale. They state a very noticable difference in the speed of rpms ie: revs quicker, more pull. She could not tell me the weight of the DRZ kick flywheel or if the two bikes have the same flywheel. If they do, I will be buying one from them. Chris For those that don't know here is the some info from Trail Tech.. Removing weight: Removing weight decreases inertia, which increases throttle response - more snap! Sand sucks power away from a quad, increasing throttle response is a good thing. A balanced flywheel will reduce vibration..
  4. Chris Flip

    Weight of the flywheel?

    Nate I called WER they don't carry the lighter flywheel any more. I guess my quest continues.... Thanks for the info. Chris
  5. Chris Flip

    Weight of the flywheel?

    Has anyone shaved weight off the flywheel? How much did you do? or if not I am looking for the flywheel weight on a 2000 DRZ400. Does the DRZ have the same the flywheel as the ATV version? Thanks for the info! Chris