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  1. socalcamper

    XR400 Rear tire for Hard rocky terrain ??

    I've used the Dunlop Desert D739 and liked them, but for the last couple years I've been using Maxis Desert IT's and they wear like iron. Traction not quite as good as the Dunlop's but price per mile can't be beat...
  2. socalcamper

    xr400 vs 450x

    Great post, I too have been drooling over the 450x. I got into trail riding late in life and for the last 5 years been riding a duel sport xr400. I've had the suspension redone for my weight (#230 with gear) and though that made a big improvement it still has a heavy feel to it. The xr400 has plenty of power but I think I would love the button. Since I do all the maintenance myself, my biggest worry going to the crf450x is self maintainability. I’ve read so many posts regarding valve’s and oil problems that I’m a little hesitant to make the switch. The 400’s getting old (and so am I at 51) but I’m not sure I want or need the x.
  3. socalcamper

    1999 XR250, vs, 2000 XR250

    Don't know if this helps or not, but this is a cool site to see the year/model changes to the XR250r. http://www.100megsfree4.com/honda/h0200/xr250r.htm
  4. socalcamper

    new tires

    I just started using a rear Maxxis Desert IT a month or so ago, and love it. The Maxxis seems to be holding up much better with the rocky desert terrain than the Dunlop’s 739's I've used in the past. My .02
  5. socalcamper

    NOOB with a 90 XR 250

    I just did the top end on my 93. The total was ~$650 including all gaskets and parts. I did my own tear down and reassembly and had XR's only do the bore and valves. I went with a 270 kit (piston, rings and bore) and also had to pay a little extra ($100) to repair some damage to the head.
  6. socalcamper

    Dual sport GPS

    I use a Garmin etrax legend on my xr400, and it works great. I had the power off problem that others have mentioned. I ended up putting small pieces of foam rubber in the battery cover that came with the handle bar mounts. This keeps pressure on the batteries and resolved the problem for me.
  7. socalcamper

    93 XR250 with cracked head

    XR's Only is looking into finding a used head for me. I have to wait and see what the cost is. My only concern with the weld is will it support the 270 big bore kit.
  8. socalcamper

    93 XR250 with cracked head

    Hi, I own a 93 xr250r that's been smoking a little since I bought it 3 years ago. I finaly decided to rebuild it and figured the cost would be ~$400 - $500. It's my son's bike and he wants the 270 big bore kit as well. I took it apart over the weekend and drove up to XR's Only to have the machine work done. The tech there had the head cleaned and found a crack between the valve and spark plug hole. He recommended a new head (too much $$) then said he's had success in the past grinding down the crack then re-welding it. Has anyone had this done and if so what were the results? Thanks!