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  1. Hpnotiq

    Fork Seal Problem/Javier Saves the Day

    A year ago you had the highest regard for Javier, http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7341896&highlight=#post7341896
  2. Hpnotiq

    KLR 650 brake pads and SS Brake Lines

    Try 10-20 lbs of air in the forks or more depending on how it feels to you. It helps alott with fork dive and bottoming out.
  3. Hpnotiq

    Handguards for Baja

    Hey thanks guys I'll take a look at those for sure.
  4. Hpnotiq

    Handguards for Baja

    Thanks for the reply, yes that was also my thinking too as I have a friend who was staring at his bone where his wrist once was after a crash that sent him over the bars. He would have been fine had he not been using the full wrap style guards. Some guys a another board think I'm nuts for not wanting them on my bike, there from the eastern states and they don't get it. I told them that trees in the desert where I do most of my riding are really not a issue. Your far more likely to go over the bars from hitting a rock or hole then getting taken out from a tree out there. I was going to ask Dust mag about the missing guard since its the cover photo to see if they knew why but there site is down. Thanks again.
  5. Hpnotiq

    Handguards for Baja

    Hi, I'm trying to find out why some Baja racers and some off-road racers in general have the full on bark buster type hand guards on their bikes and some don't. I notice that riders like Johnny Campbell and Mouse McCoy don't use them. Also notice in this months Dust magazine on the cover that J.Campbell or Kendall Norman on a Honda during the Vegas to Reno race he only has 1 hand guard on the clutch side and nothing on the throttle side. Same thing with Steve Hengeveld and Robby Bell, no full wrap around guards for them either. I'm sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum for this ? but this one seems to have the most knowledge about Baja bikes and racing.
  6. Hpnotiq

    KLR 650 brake pads and SS Brake Lines

    I was reading one of the KLR forums and some guys were suggesting to do this. I went with Valvoline full synthetic fluid, says it exceeds Dot 3-4. Hey its relatively cheap for a small bottle so what the heck. Boiling point of 500 degrees and I ride allot of hills. Plus after only 5000 miles the stock fluid looked nasty anyways. But I did notice better brakes after, so the 5-6 bucks was worth it. Only thing that really cost me was the vacuum bleeder. I just couldn't bleed the air out with out it. The DOT rating is mainly the the boiling point for the fluid. Here's more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOT_3 .
  7. Hpnotiq

    KLR 650 brake pads and SS Brake Lines

    I noticed better brakes just by replacing the stock brake fluid with high quality fluid and of course bleeding the brakes good.
  8. Hpnotiq

    Bmw F800gs

    Well the title of the tread is "Dual-Sport / Adventure" so I guess it fits in here. I'm sure some of those who buy it will be doing things there not supposed to with it, just like the bigger GSs. Hey its always fun to watch them try anyways ha ha.
  9. Hpnotiq

    Hill Climbing Technique

    Did the rider in this last pic, bottom half center, make it. Looks like he/her maybe stopped.
  10. Hpnotiq

    Red Mountain - Spangler: Oct 12-15 2007

    Yep great weather out there this weekend, I never been to the X-15 marker before in your one picture, maybe next time. Watched the trials event for a while on Sunday out at Charlies place or Wagon wheel or whatever it's called.
  11. Hpnotiq

    Dual Sport helmet

    I want 1 too. But it lists for for about $500.00,the challenge model XD almost $600.00. Still I like it, need to read some reviews about noise-comfort etc.
  12. Hi guys, Had a great time despite causing the search ordeal. It was great meeting all of you. Special thanks to Aaron8 for making the ride happen. I truly am sorry that I broke one of the cardinal rules that Aaron had laid out at the begining of the ride "Don't Seperate From The Group":naughty: Im hoping all that were involved will accept my Deepest Apology, I feel like a complete idiot:cry: Sincerely John.
  13. Yeah I'm down to clown. See ya there.
  14. Hpnotiq

    Help finding camp location

    No problem, glad I could help.
  15. Hpnotiq

    Help finding camp location

    Near California City, off Twenty Mule team Pkwy a few miles west of Hwy395. http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/847011/an/0/page/111 Click the link, then click "view in google", then zoom out a little till you see which way you want to go. Hope that helps.