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  1. Quickshot is installed, and that is the only "performance equipment".
  2. I riding almost only on sand tracks and I am pretty hard on the trottle(but far away from elite, I have been riding in 2 years).
  3. Hi! I have orginal MJ, PJ, and needle, the clip is one step higher than orginal. The temperature is about 15-20 celsius
  4. Hello! I think that I need your help boys! I have a yz250f from 2006, and my money is barely enough to buy brakepads, oil and so on, so I can´t buy an JD kit for a long time forward I think, but I have money to buy some jets anyway . My problem is this: If my bike is running on "total" ideling speed and I turn the the trottle to maximum quickly, it just says "poff", and the same thing happend if I drive and have pretty low rpm and turn the gas fast, the engine can´t just get rpm fast(pretty weak on all rpm:s actually). Should I try to change jets or should I try to change the acc-pump? If it is the acc-pump, what should I do with it? Very thanksfull for good answers //Björn from Sweden
  5. Yeah it looks like things are really cheap here on TT! Thanks guys!
  6. Hello boys and girls! I wonder what your orginal/stock parts cost? Here in Sweden I had to pay in US dollars around 130US(1000kr) for a rear brake disc. Sounds expensive right? And my intake valves cost around 150US(1200kr). Is the stockparts in USA much cheaper? //Björn
  7. Hi! I have found a company who powdercoat(and blaster) my frame VERY cheap. But I wonder if I have the orginal color code(yamahas color) will it be nice and clear and is it possible to powdercoat the frame "clear" and "shiny"? //Björn the bear
  8. Hello! I wonder what it would cost to import a Yamaha yz250f (2006) to Sweden?
  9. I shall check for leaks later, and try to set my carburator with all stock "components". Thanks for all the anwers! =)
  10. The bike runs VERY well and starts easy! But something must be wrong with my sparkplug.
  11. Have to sleep now....the clock is about half past twelve here in Sweden
  12. mainjet: 192 pilotjet: 48 fuel shrew: not changed needle: stock clip position: one step higher than the middle
  13. Or can it be so simple that it can depend on that the sparkplug is new?
  14. Yeah but I already have tried bigger mainjets (192 now, original 178). And I have tried to change the clip on the jetneedle, but should I try even bigger mainjet and raise the clip on the jetneedle one more step? You don't think it can depend on the motor running too hot, I have no idea? //Björn
  15. Really nice dude! =) I have to ask(if you have painted the frame) for Yamahas blue "colorcode"? //Björn