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  1. still 2 strokin

    help with fork wiggle diagnosis

    iwas just out in the garage and you are correct i couldnt feel it moving up there but i hear a clicking up at the head set thanx i do appreciate it sweet i will be able to ride this weekend !
  2. still 2 strokin

    help with fork wiggle diagnosis

    hey there i need help w/my forks they seem to be wiggling .what could be the cause/fix for this ? the bike is a 96 rm250 and I believe them to be "USD" forks (opposite of todays big bike forks) which were rebuilt last year by mx-shock.com. after my last ride i noticed that holding the front brake and pushing for/back on the bars the bottom of the forks moves back and forth appox 1/8-1/4 inch , is this something i can fix myself being a average mechanic?