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  1. FeliX 450

    350 sx-f or xc-f?

    Dude I’d go with what you need. I was in the same boat couple weeks ago. Was stuck between 350 SXF and XCF. I got to a point where I had a deal lined for a 16 SXF and was going to go pick it up over the weekend, then Friday a great deal popped on a 15 XCF. Both bikes had similar hours and similar price. I went to look at the XCF and bought it on the spot even though for for the same money I could have had an newer bike but would have to dump about thousand bucks on to make it more like and XCF. Took it out twice already and could not be happier.
  2. Yeah that's what I thought. I found a YouTube on how to check valve clearances on 2016 model, would it be pretty much on 15? Also what are the gaskets you suggest changing out to make it leak less? The bike starts very easy. I barely touch the button and fires right up. The guy said he put on a top end a year ago and put a decent amount of hours since. I know it probably doesn't need adjustment, but since I do not trust people in general I might as well check what's going on inside and while at it change those gaskets because that leak is bugging me lol Indeed we are, even pretty much the same bike. Those 3 hours I rode last weekend were a blast, especially since I haven't rode in 6 years or so. But the bike just feels great. Perfect amount of power and handling is amazing. Can't imagine what the newer feel like. Will probably ride this one couple seasons and upgrade to an 18-19 350 XC-F
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, definitely good to hear that this is normal. I’m going riding again this Sunday and after that going to try and check my valve clearances. Couple questions 1. Which gaskets should I order to replace to maybe try to make it leak less. 2. Is there any good tutorial write ups/videos on how to check the valves on this bike? Ive never checked valves on my own so this would be my first time. I was gonna have a dealer do it but they quoted me $380. Seems like it can be done in couple hours on my own with minimal cost for parts, shims and gaskets.
  4. No I don’t think there’s a weld. Which pic do you see it on?
  5. No I don’t think there’s a weld. Which pic do you see it on?
  6. Hi everyone, Just picked up a 2015 xc-f last friday and took it our for about a 3 hour trail ride on Sunday. Bike runs great but I did notice an oil leak that seems to come somewhere from the top end area. There was oil drops on my boot, some on shrouds and the bottom park of the tank. The head also shows some dripping. The guy I bought it from did tell me about it and said he replaced those gasket no too long ago and that it's a common problem on these bikes, and his friend with a 2016 sxf has had the same issue. I've been out of riding for about 6 years now and this is my first bike since 2012 as well as my first KTM ever. I added some pics for reference so please let me know if you have a clue/suggestion of what it can be. PS: Sorry for crappy pics, bikes were already loaded up when I took these.
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I ended up picking up a 2015 350 XC-F over last friday and already took out for a few hour. Got a pretty good deal on it and actually for the first time in my life went under my budget instead of over. I did notice a smallish oil leak at the top end and will make a separate post for it. Bike feels great and from just about 3 hours of riding I feel that the amount of power is just right and handling is great. Feels like I made the right choice. Just worried about this oil leak a bit. Here's a pic
  8. FeliX 450

    Places to ride near Oceanside, California

    It’s actually off of 5, but great riding spot 👀
  9. That is what I am thinking. I do not think 18 in the back is that important. Probably just throw a larger tank and kickstand on the SXF and I'd be good to go. It's just the XCF is like a shortcut and would be good to go right away. How's the maintenance cost on these bikes? Roughly what does a new top end run? Bottom end? Other preventative maintenance(not oil/filter/sprockets I can do those myself) There is a 2016 450 XCF at a local dealer. It has 77 hours on an aftermarket meter and they are asking 6k for it. Looks pretty clean in the pics. Was thinking of just going there and offering 5. If that one does not work out I'll just go for an SXF
  10. Btw, Can you guys elaborate on the forks? What's the difference with 4cs and AER? The 17+ have the AER and all 16 below have the wc? I am by no means a pro rider. More of a casual weekend warrior. Would I even notice the difference?
  11. Very nice write up, thank you for the detailed breakdown. Also, I saw your post on I believe the 350 sxf with 300 hours+ hours. Amazing stuff.
  12. Yo im back wya?

  13. I am in the market for a bike after being out for about 6 years. I have narrowed down my options to 4 possible models 2015-2017 350 sxf/xcf or 450 sxf/xcf. Majority of the fresh used ones in San Diego/LA/San Bernardino counties are SXF's but there are some XCF's available. I have another thread asking for advice on which one to get if anyone wants to chime in. (https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1272439-ktm-350-xcfsxf-or-450-xcfsxf/) I am set on KTM this time as I've never owned one and have always though they are awesome bikes. Here is my list of questions for you guys: 1. What years should I avoid for the aforementioned models? Any that are superior to the other? Seems like 15's are different than 16/17 2. If the bike doesn't have the original hour meters is that a red flag? (there is one XCF i really like but it has an after market one with 77 hours) 3. Is it fairly easy to convert SXF into an XCF? (once again a lot more SXF's available than XCF's) 4. When I go look at the bike, what are some of the things I need to pay attention to and what are some red flags? 5. What are some of the must haves when i do get the bike? 6. Any other advice/thoughts This is all the questions I can think of right now. Thanks in advance!
  14. I've been out of riding for about 6 years now and have not been keeping up with the industry at all. Me and a buddy of mine who used to ride as well decided to move forward and get some bikes. He already got his, it's a 2014 Husky 501FE or TE or something like that but it's street like and as close to a dirt bike as it gets it seems. From my end, I do not need a street legal one and narrowed it down to the 4 bikes in subject line. Last bike I had was a 2011 KX450F which for the most part was too much of a bike for me unless i was riding sand dunes(glamis). There it was perfect. I will not be riding track and it's mostly going to be trails, desert and I want to hit glamis more as it's a a lot of fun. I am now stuck with what bike to go for. From reviews it seems like 350 and 450 have similar power but 350 is lighter and better at handling. How would a 15-17 350 compare to 2011 KX450f? (that bike was fun but on trails and track it would rip my hands off.) I am not a small guy. 6'1 250lbs even though I am going to cut down to 220-225(eventually lol) will 350 be enough? I know it will most likely be just fine but the main issue that worries me is the sand. Obviously i would put a paddle on it and possibly an exhaust but would that cut it? I am looking to get a fresh one and years I've been looking for are 15-17. I don't want to buy brand new and there is especially a lot of fresh SXF's on craigslist that are around 6k with not too many hours. Very little XCF's though. Thanks in advance for advice!
  15. FeliX 450

    Latest Monster Energy Kawasaki Graphics

    I have 12 monster graphics on my 11. Overplayed? Yes Do i care? Nope. As long as i like it thats all that matters