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  1. FeliX 450

    Where to ride at Big Bear? (Red sticker)

    Well this went off topic lol thanks for the recommendations in the beginning. I think we will skip Azusa and stay in big bear and stage at the pinnacles.
  2. Me and my buddy are planning on making a trip up to big bear with our bikes. Neither of us have been there other than to snow board a few times so we do not know the area at all. We will be going up there for a day on Friday and on Saturday we’ll head down to ride Azusa canyon. At least that’s the plan for now. We are both somewhere between novice and intermediate skill level depending on type of riding. We want to ride through some woods, light snow and see some good scenery. If all 3 is possible that would be ideal. Heres a list of questions to make it a bit easier to compile the info: 1. Where should we stage to have the best access to the trails? 2. Is one day going to be enough to explore big bear or would we need more time? 3. Any special bike prep?( I have 15 350 xcf and he will be on a 16-17 wr250f I believe) 4. I know it’s going to be cold, anything we should bring on trail with us other than usual stuff? (We usually ride desert/corral canyon type riding) 5. We are both usually very busy so it’s rare that we can ride together which is why we we wanted to knock out 2 spots in one trip. How is Azusa Canyon compared to Big Bear? Is it worth it hitting both or would you guys suggest sticking to 1 spot? Thats all all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance.
  3. This is my current setup. With 1 bike I average 25-27mpg. Depends where I am going. Cars rated towing capacity is 1500 lbs with 200lb tongue weight. Can easily haul 3 bikes and gear with a trailer. Mine is the 528i with 4 cyl twin turbo. The 535d can probably hit 30+ mpg. The 3 series has the same tow rating as 5 series and can be bought around 15k. Most cars nowadays can tow about 1000lbs. Even Prius I think has a towing capacity of a 1000. They even sell a tow hitch for it. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Toyota/Prius/2016/C11473.html?vehicleid=201659683
  4. That’s an awesome setup. How do you like your Cayenne? I am thinking of getting out of my 5 Series and going SUV. My favorites right now are the new X5(gonna be a year before you can get a decent deal on them), X3 M40i and 15+ Cayenne. I’ve driven the prior to 14 one but haven’t had the chance to test out the 15+
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. It ended up being that I am a dumbass. So as I said before last ride the wheel was hard to spin. After I finished the ride I never checked if it was still hard to spin and just assumed that it was. I pulled the bike out to wash over the weekend and after putting it on the stand I spun the rear wheel and it spinned much more freely. My guess is it all settled and is fine now 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. FeliX 450

    New boots: gaerne vs Fox

    AOMC has a deal right now on Tech 10’s for $300 but it’s only for the KTM Powerparts ones(white and orange). So if you don’t care about the color it doesn’t get much better than that. I just ordered a pair for myself as I needed a new pair. Also if you don’t have an account with them and sign up you get extra 10% off for sign up so you can essentially get them for $270. I think they also have all Tech 7’s for $300 which is not bad either as they are usually $350.
  7. Also, I even bought new bolt and washer, because the ride right after I installed the sprockets/chain I did not have a torque wrench and did it by hand. I did not tighten it too much so the wheel would spin more freely. During the ride after few hours or so the bolt came out but nothing inside was stripped. So after that ride I replaced the bolt and bought a torque wrench. I did a short ride last weekend with the front sprocket torqued properly and the bike seemed to ride a little rough with a bit of extra vibration. Maybe I am just exaggerating but it just did not seem right. To clear things up here is the timeline 1. Changed front sprocket/rear sprocket/chain (hand tightened front sprocket bolt, wheel did not spin freely, loosened up so it spins freely) 2. Went on a ride and after couple hours the sprocket bolt came out. 3. Bought new bolt/washer. Bought torque wrench. When torqued properly rear wheel barely spins. 4. Went on a ride like this but bike ran kinda rough (seemed like extra vibration/did not run as smooth). Cut the ride short. Here I am now scratching my head trying to see what I can do.
  8. Everything seems to be lined up properly. It only does not spin freely when I torque the front sprocket bolt. The more I loosen it up the better the wheel spins. Chain is in proper spec. The front sprocket is the same size as it was before and the rear I went one tooth up. The chain is also new. Chain adjuster blocks are even. I will look into this but I really do not think I put it inside out. I bought the Supersprox front sprocket(https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/957/23006/Supersprox-Front-Sprocket) and I think it goes on only way if I remember correctly.
  9. Ok so I may be over reacting here a bit but it just does not seem normal. I just got back into riding recently and haven’t had a bike for about 6 years but I don’t remember it being that hard to spin the rear wheel with bike on the stand. I put on new chain and front and rear sprocket. When I torque the front sprocket to spec with a good shove the rear wheel barely makes a quarter to half rotation. If I losen the front sprocket a bit the wheel will spin much more freely. Am I looking too much into this or can something be wrong? Bike is a 15 350 xcf
  10. How does it work with dirt bike insurance if it does get stolen? Do they have a price book on how much they pay out? For cars it’s easier to easier to establish market value, but for dirt bikes most of us have mods, condition matters a lot etc.
  11. FeliX 450

    High end Helmet cheap?

    Don’t buy a used helmet like the other guys said. Just shop around and a deal will come up. I just bought Bell Moto 9 for $135. It’s price is almost $500. It was last years model and they had 1 in stock in my size. I’d rather do a new entry to mid level helmet than used high end one.
  12. I would honestly probably go this round. Get the SXF and make and XC our of it.
  13. FeliX 450

    San Diego area riders?

    Does Team still do rides?
  14. FeliX 450

    california San Diego area riders?

    Me and a buddy of mine just got bikes after being out of riding for a few years and are looking for others to ride with. He got a 14 Husqvarna TE511 and it has plates. I got a 15 350xcf which is just a red sticker. We are no pros by any means so I guess can be classified as novice to intermediate. We want to explore California more and ride new stuff besides the usual Ocotillo Wells, Superstition and Glamis. We took a trip out to Corral Canyon twice already and hit Bronco Trail(much harder than anticipated but it was fun). We want to ride some woods, snow, by the beach(pismo?) and other trails with cool scenery. Technical stuff and single track is also welcome. Eventually maybe even do a Baja Trip. We are both fairly young in late 20's. If anyone is interested riding with us let me know! Or even if you have suggestion for the aforementioned riding spots, I am open to those as well. Oh and as far as range goes, we don't mind driving 100-200 hundred miles for a day trip and few hundred miles for a 2-3 day trip. Neither of us have a truck so we usually rent one for day trips and such but renting for 2-3 days is not an issue. - Val