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  1. I have 12 monster graphics on my 11. Overplayed? Yes Do i care? Nope. As long as i like it thats all that matters
  2. Why are people so close minded.

  3. I got FMF and love. More power through out the bike and sounds great.
  4. Aftermarket hubs are just for looks. that is all.
  5. Thanks! And yes the seat cover is stock.
  6. My '11 It's not quiet done i've still gotta get a few more things but i have to go to Japan for 8 months so i will finish it than.
  7. My 11 450 as of now. I'll have better pics later on once i get my gfx and #'s
  8. Thanks man!
  9. anyone?
  10. ok so i got an FMF slip on pipe and its perfect length but a quick question. The stock clamp that clamps mid pipe with the header is too big and the pipe didnt come with a different should i just leave it without one?
  11. nice hubs nice exhaust nice bike nice everything!
  12. Hey all i'm looking to get a new exhaust for my 11 and i'm not really looking to get any power since the bike already got more than i can handle, i just really don't like the look of the stock one so i'm looking to get something shorter and does not stick out as much, any suggestions? pics of your own? Thanks!
  13. I've been out of riding for past 3 or so years. Before that i've had Yamahas. Yesterday picked up new 11 KX450F . So is there any tips/tricks i should know about these bikes? First mods i should invest in besides suspension? Also this is my first FI bike. Thanks!
  14. Well its been a while and i still havent bought one. Navy been keeping me busy. Now that both bikes have been out for a while and more people got i want more opinions on which one is more dominant.
  15. thats the most retarded thing ive heard in a while. get whatever color you want man. it does not matter.