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  1. hondacrf230rider

    BIG beginner bike

    get an xr650 or a crf450x easier to ride
  2. hondacrf230rider

    2004 crf 450 what to look for

    also check if the honda sign is worn off the seat as if its not there the bike has been ridden a lot
  3. hondacrf230rider

    Need help w/ bike and size?

    I went from a 230 and had no problems
  4. hondacrf230rider

    Picked up a 450R today...

    Nice pics by the way i have an 04 crf450 and it is the best bike ive ever ridden, you will love it specially being able to ride the track in 2nd gear
  5. hondacrf230rider

    Picked up a 450R today...

    Try a new spark plug if its used, they go through plugs quick
  6. hondacrf230rider

    Crf450r or Crf250r

    I havent even been riding for two years, first year crf 230 2nd year crf450r i love it on the trails, 250s are fun but i love my 450 im only 16 years old 170 pounds 6"1 and mine can throw me around a little bit but its not too bad like even when i gun it ive never flipped over i mean ya youl get better skills on a 250 but but you will get better skills on a 450 too IM me if you want to ask anything elmtbam808
  7. hondacrf230rider

    Which bike for woods...

    If you are very experienced and enjoy riding really agressively through the woods and shredding berms and doin wheelies and stuff the 450f is great but if your not then the 450x is great a good way to check which bike has been ridden less is to look at the black writing that says honda on the seat the more worn off it is the more the bike has been ridden but i have 2 450fs and i love them and your honda will be more reliable than a yamaha
  8. hondacrf230rider

    Crf450r or Crf250r

    if you want to ask some questions private message me ive ridden both bikes a lot and im 170 pounds and am fine on it it just took like 2 days to get used to and the power is unbelieveable but like i said the people saying youl kill yourself on a 450 have probly never ridden one. My friend told me that then i got it anyway and was fine and then he rode it and found out he was wrong
  9. hondacrf230rider

    Crf450r or Crf250r

    A 450 and 250 seat height are exactly the same and when you listen to these people talking about the 450 most of them have never ridden one before. It only weighs a little more (about 220 pounds) and i rode a 230 for a year as my first bike and then got a 450 and was fine. I think its better to just get a 450 because if you want more power on a 250 you have to go through the hastle of selling it but the bike is sweet and you can ride a whole track in 2nd gear without shifting down so id say just go for the 450 trust me i ride one
  10. hondacrf230rider

    Crf230-Crf450 switch.

    Ya that bs because my 450f weighs 2 pounds less than a crf 150
  11. hondacrf230rider

    should i give the boy my bike?

    he will be fine i went from a 230 tho a crf 450f easily im 6'1 170
  12. hondacrf230rider

    how do you go about building jumps?

    You could always just make a good wooden jump no maintenance and doesnt get ripped up or eroded
  13. hondacrf230rider

    wheelie a 230

    Lean back gun it and pull up hard in 1st or 2nd or pop the clutch. Otherwise no. Simple as that
  14. hondacrf230rider

    Riding in Mass.

    Hey does anyone know of a place to ride in eastern Mass?
  15. hondacrf230rider

    Want Your CRF-X on TV?

    2004 Crf450r?