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    1998 Yamaha YZF400, 1997 Yamaha Banshee, 1981 Yamaha IT465, 1995 Suzuki RF900RS
  1. yammerhammer98

    Tracks near sonora ca?

    Oatfield is well maintained track, between La Grange and Turlock. They just hosted a Loretta Lynn's qualifier a couple weeks ago. I don't know what their public access is like.
  2. Too bad the past is nothing but a fond memory! My Honey on bike at Laguna Seca.
  3. yammerhammer98

    Looking to join other riders: Stanislaus or Calaveras Counties.

    There are some trails off Buchanan Road, East of Tuolumne, that are open year-round. I spoke with a USFS Ranger last year about that, and he told me that they had no problem with parking/camping on a legal dead end road and riding OHVs. Until then, the riding conditions at Hull Creek/Clavey River are epic! No need to look any further until the next snow fall.
  4. yammerhammer98

    Is Deer Creek ok for beginner?

    Just got back from riding the Hull Creek/Clavey River area. The riding conditions were fantastic! A little snow on a few trails about 7000 ft., but no problem. Heavy frost each night, but no dust and very little mud. Going back next week.
  5. yammerhammer98

    Best tire 4 riding in Calif. Sierras

    I've been riding a Dunlop D759 Desert AT for a while now. Very durable, with almost no visible wear or chunks from Hull Creek's rocky fireroads and trails. Hull Creek is very similar to PiPi. A trials tire makes sense if you're riding nothing but boulders and rocks, but I like the desert back tire for the more gravel-like, even sandy surface in between rocky sections.
  6. yammerhammer98

    Paddle tire in snow. 17"?

    I have a Skat-Trak 17" paddle tire that was made on a street bike tire carcass. I bought it for my Yamaha IT465, planning on using it at Pismo. Sold the IT and never mounted the tire. 17" tires are hard to find. I know I paid at least $125, but I'm open to offers.
  7. yammerhammer98

    Supercross Windham vs. Lil' Hannie

    What happened between Windham and Hansen on the last lap? The TV coverage switched to them just as Hansen went by and Kevin almost stopped, giving up 2 positions just before the finish. Windham went straight to him after the finish to talk about something. Any insights? Dirty pass?
  8. yammerhammer98

    Chicks dig scars

    Halloween night I ran into the top branches of an oak tree that had fallen across the trail. The branches had been cut off with a chain saw, but were sticking up an angle from the inside bank of a curve. I was following my buddy's dust at about 30-35 mph and didn't see the hazard. The first branch grabbed the front tire of my quad, bending the tie rod, and the next branch tried to go through my shin, just above my boot. Broken fibula, badly sprained ankle and tweaked knee, in addition to a wound that has taken months to heal. The calf muscle tries to come through the wound every time I move my foot or toes, so it has been a long process. No dirt biking for me this spring, but I'll be on the street bike very soon! A few days after the crash: Today: I still limp a little, but every day is a little better.
  9. yammerhammer98

    Winter Closure. . .

    ALL National Forests are closed to riding from December to April, regardless of location, weather conditions, local traffic patterns, etc. How does that make any sense at all? How can it be set in stone without considering precipitation? My son and I were playing around in the snow on my quad in Stansislaus NF last February (usual spot I've been riding in for years, legally). Parked at the main group campground, on the main road, obviously not trying to hide. Ranger Dick came by and informed us that we were in violation of the new law and basically kicked us out. He gave me the new map, which includes the closure information right in the legend. These new maps absolutely suck since they don't include any landmarks, like topography, rivers, creeks or historical spots like the previous maps did, and they are very difficult to read. But it is very hard to plead ignorance now when the law change was made more than a year ago. I was up there on the main forest roads in my truck a couple of weeks back, but didn't see any bikes or Rangers. I did see 6 or 7 guys that were pretty obviously hunters. The bear/deer season is closed, but they looked like they were on scouting missions, and we heard plenty of recreational gunfire during the day. Were we breaking the law by driving around on maintained, gravel covered forest roads? If I feel like camping out a night or two in the cold weather just for the adventure, am I risking a fine? According to the new law, yes. Bikes, quads, street-legal trucks and RV's, no exceptions according to the way I understand it. Land of the free, my ass!
  10. yammerhammer98

    Plastic Skid plates? Any good?

    The plastic skid plate on my 700 Raptor has hit more rocks than I could possibly count, and doesn't have a single crack after 4 years of abuse.
  11. In order for an intoxiloc to work, it would have to be calibrated by a trained technician every few months, just like breathalyzers are. More maintenance cost on every vehicle, just what we need. I don't see any logical reason to "fine" every buyer/owner of a motor vehicle for the irresponsible actions of a few idiots. How about this scenario: Black box data is already being used in court to prove that a driver was speeding, driving erratically, didn't hit the brakes soon enough, etc. Throw in the ability to track each time you attempted, but failed, to start your car because of the device. Do you think that wouldn't get used against you the next time law enforcement wants it? How many times are the manufacturers of the equipment going to be sued by falsley accused drivers, claiming the device was inaccurate? More work for the trial lawyers, great!!
  12. If your driver's license is suspended or revoked you are not allowed to operate a dirt bike or ATV in a US National Forest or CA State Park (CA Vehicle Code 14601.1(e)). I know someone that was fined over $500 for riding an unregistered pit bike in a National Forest with a suspended license.
  13. yammerhammer98

    Approached wrecked buddy procedure

    Never remove a downed rider's helmet unless you absolutely have to. If he isn't physically capable of doing it himself, he needs "real" medical help immediately. Let the trained professionals make that decision.
  14. yammerhammer98

    oneal element boots!

    I just broke my fibula when I hit a tree branch sticking out on the trail. The bruising made my entire foot and ankle look like a purple sock, but my Fox Comp5 boot saved me from worse injury. Step up to decent boots. The Fox's are only $170, and worth every penny.
  15. yammerhammer98

    Crash damage

    Yeah, I can limp around. No cast, but my ankle still hurts like a bitch. Fox boot saved my ankle, Answer over pants kept the branch from digging into my skin. It didn't even leave a mark on the nylon pants! A real commercial for the right gear.