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  1. KYmxracer52

    Directv to drop Speed and Fuel 11-1

    You Sir, are absolutely correct. Dish and DTV will randomly raise their rates throughout the year little by little each month, till you wonder, "Why has my bill been so much here lately?" At those times, I've never heard them say that they had to pay off 'so-and-so' to keep there contract current. I'd say its just a publicity stunt. Every commercial that I've seen recently, had a Dish logo at the bottom of the screen. I figured it was to scare people away from DTV over to Dish.
  2. KYmxracer52

    When to stop using helmet?

    Helmet is just a conversation piece now. It will not be worn again. Thanks for all replies!
  3. KYmxracer52

    When to stop using helmet?

    The helmet has some scratches on the right side just in front of the ear. I've looked it over the best I can, and haven't noticed any cracks of any sort. The foam inside looks to be normal and not disturbed or deformed. The track was tilled up pretty deep, so I think that saved the helmet a lot of impact. I knocked the wind out of myself from my chest hitting the bars as I went over. My thighs are bruised too from catching the bars. I'll get a new helmet if I keep the bike.
  4. KYmxracer52

    When to stop using helmet?

    Yeah, I landed on the right side of my head. The left side of the helmet was pinned against my left shoulder. I wasn't wearing a neck brace of any sort, so I guess I got lucky landing the way I did. If I keep riding, I'll probably try one again. This week, I've been contemplating just giving it up all together. Not worth being paralized or worse.
  5. I had a crash last weekend and landed on my shoulder and head. Launched about 90' off a single down into a valley and landed in a deep rut, which proceeded to throw me over the bars on my head. Didn't knock me out, but did knock the wind and sense out of me. The crash didn't break the helmet anywhere, except a small crack in the middle of the visor. I've always heard that you shouldn't use a helmet after a crash, so I thought I'd see what everyone's opinion is on this. Is the helmet safe to continue to use, or should I toss it? The helmet in question is a Thor Force.
  6. KYmxracer52

    helmet needs cleaning!

    I take my liner out and wash in the washing machine on gentle or hand washables. If the foam and vents in the helmet are dusty, I spray it with the water hose and dry hang it up to dry. No problems yet. If your padding isn't removable, then its going to be a lot harder to clean the dust out of it.
  7. KYmxracer52

    [B]Screw Glue[/B]

    Rubbing alcohol or Maxima's Contact Cleaner and a wash cloth.
  8. KYmxracer52

    polishing exhaust ports

    Could you use Maxima's Contact Cleaner? It cuts dirt and grease instantly, with little to no scrubbing.
  9. KYmxracer52

    polishing exhaust ports

    Talk to Charlie C.
  10. KYmxracer52

    valve seat question

    Yeah, definately keep us informed on how it does.
  11. KYmxracer52

    valve seat question

    Would you be willing to give out this guys contact info? Whenever it becomes time to do a valve job in mine, I'd like to see if I could ship my head to them.
  12. KYmxracer52

    Bridgestone M404 chunk

    I've been running one on the rear of my crf250, and I've started noticing a little chunking. Not real bad, but some. The track I've been on mostly is medium-hardpack with rocks, roots, you name it, it has it. I may have 5-6 hours on mine now, and will probably get another 4 hours until I mount a new one, if I'm lucky.
  13. KYmxracer52

    New crf wont start.

    Here's what I would do: Check the valves first. My 06 has been a pain to start cold, ever since I bought it back in the spring. I checked the valves, to find out the intakes were perfect, and the exhaust were really tight. I'm running a stage 2 cam also, which holds the valves open longer. So basically, my exhaust valves weren't really ever shutting closed. That kills compression, and makes starting these almost impossible. I did the decompression mod that Ron Hamp recommends at the same time. Once that was done, I tried starting it up the next day, and it fired on the 3rd kick. Granted that was on a empty carb ( I drain the bowl after each ride). Before adjusting the valves, I was having to use the hot-start when bike was cold to get it to start, plus throw in about 10 kicks. It was getting aggravating. Now, I can pump the throttle 2-3 times, pull choke and fire it up in 1-2 kicks cold. You will be amazed at how well a bike will start when the valves are spot on, and jetting is correct. As for your popping, you may want to turn your fuel screw out a little bit. That is the skinny, slotted brass screw under the float bowl. If you don't have any aftermarket one in there, get one. Since you just bought the bike, I would recommend taking the carb off, and going through it. Clean it out real good, and note the size of all the jets, so you have something to base everything off of when the weather changes. Check the two nuts on the head pipe and make sure they are tight. You can get a little popping if that is loose and not sealed up good. Check all this stuff and post back and let us know what you find out.
  14. KYmxracer52

    whats wrong?

    If gas is coming out of the overflow when kicking it, it leaves me to think the jet needle is stuck open and not shutting the gas off when the float bowl fills up. Definately weird though.
  15. KYmxracer52

    whats wrong?

    You need to get in a habit of draining the float bowl after each ride when you put the bike up. Especially if it's going to sit for a few days. Gas is pure crap anymore, so it will gum the jets up in a matter of days.