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    Wr 450

    Just got a 2006 WR 450 and swore I would never need more power. Then I rode a couple of "jetted" bikes both 250s and 450s. I went onto James Dean's web page and found a kit - and I'd like to open up the pipe and the top of the airbox too. Problem is I'm not too mechanically inclined. Everyone I talk to says it's pretty simple - I just hate to get halfway through a project and have a problem - and I don't want to lose a day of riding if I get out there and I've done something wrong. Is the JD kit the easiest kit? Should I open the pipe and take out the restrictor? What about the airbox - and negative side effects of removing the baffle on top? When i bought the bike the dealer told me to take an emissions eliminator kit - should I do this at the same time? These questions have probably been asked about a thousand times on this site - maybe just point me in the right direction? Thanks