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  1. McHusky

    Overheating 06 450TE

    Not sure what you are talking about - one the first hose I saw NO rubbing or signs of initial damage - just a big axe split in the hose. The second hose was 2 hours of riding in - this isnt a hose issue - its an overheating issue. That said, noone can figure out why the radiator caps arn't popping first (they are factory). I'm pulling the Rooster radiator guards off and reinstalling the factory angled plastic ones as a start
  2. McHusky

    Overheating 06 450TE

    To be clear the original hose was factory and it burst - it was replaced by the moto shop and that one burst - zero chaffing or other issues
  3. McHusky

    Overheating 06 450TE

    I'm south of San Felipe on the beach riding to Puertocetos and I hear a loud bang and I get spraypainted with radiator fluid. I shut down and determine the hose that connects the two radiators has burst - I assume to overheating/pressure. I McGiver it back and off we go only to have a total shutdown 10 minutes later. Starter works/battery fine but it WILL NOT start. Take it to ESP in La Crescenta - owner George (great guy) determines that my Stator has failed and we replace it (OVER 2 months to get a replacement from Husky thank you very little). He speculates the stator was failing, advanced the timing and overheated the bike. So finally after months I head up to Cal City for a day of much needed riding. It's a very cool 45 degree day. We ride for 3 hours and break for lunch then after an hour head out. 10 minutes into the ride and BANG - I get spraypainted with coolant and the SAME hose is blown again. This time I don't ride the bike to failure - I get a ride and truck it out of there. So we don't blow another stator. I've stumped everybody - we don't know what the real problem is. Anybody experience a similiar problem or have any ideas. THANKS
  4. McHusky

    Steering Damper

    Awesome - thanks for your well informed help!
  5. McHusky

    Steering Damper

    Sorry if this has been asked many times before but what are everyone's thoughts on a steering damper for a 06 450 TE - where can they be had, do they help and which one would you recommend - Cheers
  6. McHusky

    Rooster Product updates!

    I was worried about the plastic zip-tye but so far so good - I'm not worried about the wire melting. And what you said, the new ones may fit, but I already bought one that was SUPPOSED to fit That said I will be buying the db shields when they come in
  7. McHusky

    Rock Stompa footpegs for TE510

    Can they be had for the TE450. And what makes them mo betta? Just bigger and beefier? How many USD?
  8. McHusky

    Which Oil Filter?

    I like your idea but can you provide more information - specifically why is it better and how is it cleaned. Finally do you have an on-lin reference for where it can be had. I have an 06 450TE. What filter is the right one. Thanks
  9. McHusky

    Rooster Product updates!

    I bought and installed the heat shield that was labeled 05-06 and it was clear that that sucker was not going in as advertised. After bending and zip-tying and using wire its in there to stay. Its functional, but not pretty. Not sure why they said they would fit the 06, but am here to tell you they don't. Any word on when the front and rear DB protectors will be available?
  10. McHusky

    2006 TE Computer Km to MPH

    If this works it will be GREAT. It's only a nit, but it's been driving me nuts. Of course with the way the owners manual is written, it was of no help. Thanks!
  11. McHusky

    '06 stock tires?

    I agree with you assessment. What would you replace them with?
  12. Ok I've read the manual 10 times and tried even more, but for the life of me I can't get the computer to convert from Km to mph - I've tried every screen - holding down the button in bursts, for multiple seconds ect and nothing. Everything else seems to work fine on the computer so I keep thinking its operator error and not the computer. Anybody else experincing the same problem ? More importantly, can anyone help me fix it Thanks
  13. McHusky

    Husky TE450

    So they are hard to come by? Weird - I make one call - Eric's Moto's in Pasadena and drove over 20 minutes later and bought it. He had the 250, 450 510 and 600 - at least 4 450's - guess I got really lucky and had no idea
  14. McHusky

    Husky TE450

    I just bought the 2006 Husky TE 450 - I want to buy a beefy aftermarket bash plate and a desert gas tank but am having trouble locating them. Anybody know where they can be had? Thanks