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  1. aprilia27

    Cheap and good store for honda 250x

    Hello, i am looking for a good/cheap and fast delivery dealer in USA. Going to by a Honda crf 250x - 07, and ship it to Sweden. Doesn´t know who the best dealer is, would be good if the dealer is located near the coast, los angeles or something simular. Thougt that you folks on thumpertalk has good knowledge of wich dealer to call. Many regards Mikael.
  2. aprilia27

    Different KTM modells USA vs Europe

    Thanks for the information, sad that you don´t have the exc modells anymore. But how can yamaha and honda have the same modells as europe? I now that your bikes (USA) have some modifications that make them more friendly to the environment but is easy to remove. In Sweden our bikes also comes with some strange mods but the dealer removes them before the buyer gets the bike. Well then it will be a Honda crf 250x -07 instead. Do you now any good store near the coast who is cheap and fast at delivery?
  3. Noticed that USA and Canada have different modells then Europe. We have SX (mx bikes) and EXC (offroad bikes). In the states you have XC, and what i understand is simular to an EXC bike without lights and some other adjustments. Don´t you have any more EXC bikes then 450 and 525? I am searching after a KTM 250 EXC-F to buy in USA but i don´t no where to look, and its seems like there is none. Would be great to have some help from you at thumpertalk. Does the KTM 250 EXC-F exist in the USA and if so, can you recommend a good store. Many regards from Mikke.
  4. Hello, i took away the original exhaust system and put on a doma system. After that i opened up the air box. "This mods is gonna make the bike much better" i thougt for myself, but no... When i have it in idle and twist the throttle fast the bike doesn´t respond. It will rev up but not directly, it does a kind o burp before it revs up. I changed the main jet when i changed the exhaust system, the main jet was only 150!! the original jet (in Sweden) is 168. So i put in a 172 instead. Is the best thing to change back to 150 and start from there or what do you think?? I am the second owner of the bike, and its impossible to contact the last owner and ask him why he put in smaller main jet to the bike. Thankful for any kind of help.
  5. aprilia27

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

    Hello, I´m from Sweden so the spelling is not perfect. I have bought a Yamaha wr250f - 05. The bike is not modified at all, i like the bike but the power in the bike is not good at all. I´m going to buy a doma exhaust system and change the main jet to beigin with. Have a couple of questions about your jetting specs, what is the "snorkel" and "airboxlid"? If you remove the saddle you find the battery and the breathing holes for the bike, is that what you mean??? Would be very thankful if someone could explain what this mean, and how do you remove the airbox lid? Regards from Sweden..
  6. aprilia27

    Gravelly Flat Turns Technique

    Be sure you dont brake when you go in to the turn, the rear ok but not the front.