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  1. mx870

    Catching neutral between 3rd and 2nd

    I am using the castrol r4...never had a problem yet
  2. mx870

    Getting a 450. Here's my list.

    great ideas, but the seat is on backorder.....good luck on finding everthing else
  3. mx870

    Team Green Suspension Recommendations!

    4.6 front 54 back
  4. mx870

    Discuss 2007 changes here.

    how about one of those not made for public bubba stewart skid plates
  5. mx870

    I love this pic

    try this one http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/4884/james1280x102414mx.jpg
  6. mx870

    kx450f top triple clamp....

    i just put the tag oversized bar mounts on my bike.....they worked just fine renthal also makes them, check your local parts unlimited dealer part # t-4098
  7. mx870

    kx450f top triple clamp....

    The kawasaki factory pieces were on back order as of last week
  8. mx870

    kx450f radiator hoses

  9. mx870

    kx450f radiator hoses

    does anybody know where to get the colored rad hoses that bubba runs on his bike...any info appreciated