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    05 450X Jetting

    That makes sense with the issue I have. The Honda owners manual just calls it a pilot screw I didn't know I was enrichening the pilot with fuel as much as I thought the opposite of effectively enrichening the mixture by reducing the air flow. I'll reduce the fuel in the circuit by going back clockwise with the bike running where I ride just before I take off next time. It will hit the smooth point before I'm under 1 turn and I'm sure this will fix the engine stall. Thanks Eddie
  2. Skulavik6151

    05 450X Jetting

    It's in the title! A Honda 2005 CRF 450X. The bike was recently rejetted from stock after adding a DRD Pipe, the air box mods, the pink wire mod and a Boyesen acc. pump. After looking more closely I think I need to move the pilot screw back to maybe 1 and 1/2 or 1 and 1/4 turns. It appears I was wrong to think turning it counter clockwise was increasing the air flow in the pilot circuit. Let me know for sure and many thanks Eddie.
  3. Eddie my bike dies when I let off the throttle sometimes. I checked the new Irdium plug and it is running a little rich (main at #168). I suspect the pilot circuit is rich too because it dies intermittently when coming off the throttle. The pilot air adjust screw is out 1 and 7/8 turns counter clockwise from the stop all the way clockwise. Does turning it outward (counter clockwise) increase the air flow to the pilot circuit? I should probably make any adjustment where I ride right?
  4. Skulavik6151


    The tranny will hold almost two quarts, I have tried it on two 450X's. Mine and my son's both are 2005's. If you ride it with two quarts it will puke out all but about 1100cc's. We use a full liter of Motul 15W-50 (1050cc's) and we change tranny oil after every ride. When we change the tranny oil it looks almost new so I think with Motul you could go at least two or three rides without a change. If you are racing change it every time, if you are playing then every two or three rides might be OK. Don't do this with the crank oil though. We noticed even after a 100 to 150 miles the crank oil is very dirty. We change crank oil and filter after every ride usually 100 to 150 miles per ride for us. We use K&N filters and use 700cc's of Motul in the crank case. Never had a problem with either bike. Lots of miles on both bikes. Both bikes have a DRD pipe, re-jetting, air box mods, boyesen accelerator pump and pink wire mod. They haul a$$ through the tall grass!
  5. Skulavik6151

    Needle Clip Positions/Jetting

    I have posted this before! I ride Hungry Valley/Frazier Park also El Mirage and others 2,000 to 3,000 feet. The 450x comes with a 142 main, 45 slow/pilot, a 70 leak jet and an NCVU needle clip set in the 2nd groove from the top. I have tested this on two different bikes: Change the main to a 168 or 172, leave the pilot alone at 45, change the leak from 70 to 65, use an NGGQ needle with the clip in the middle (4th from the top). Put on a Boyesen accelerator pump and adjust the linkage screw/spring to .1 of an inch gap. Adjust the low speed fuel screw on the bottom back of the carb to 1 7/8 to 2 turn counterclockwise from the stop at full clockwise. The bike will take on a whole new personality assuming you have an aftermarket high flow pipe, air box mods and the pink wire mod! I use the DRD Pipe. It will wheelie in all five gears no problem. Works very well at Hungry Valley, El Mirage and even Kennedy Meadows. Be sure to use 1 quart of tranny oil... don't worry it will hold two quarts. Any extra oil the tranny doesn't want it will puke out in the first mile anyway. Don't overfill the crankcase but change the oil often! Crank oil gets dirty fast on the 450X!
  6. Skulavik6151

    450r vs 450x

    When they nickel coated your forks did they work from new forks tubes because oil gets under the chrome and the nickel will lift. So $300 was for new fork tubes with no chance for the oil issues. There's always a better deal if you have friends. I didn't pay $1,250 because I did a lot of the labor like removing the rear shock and front fork tubes. If you want to just take your bike there and let them do the labor it will cost you $1,250. Nobody steps on my toes I know I'm doing. I'm just careful about advertising work prices because some folks are lazy and want someone else to do the grunt work!
  7. Skulavik6151

    Jetting on an Athena 290 kit

    My guess after doing one hell of a lot of jetting is that a 172 to 178 Main Jet with a 42 pilot/slow, a 45 leak, and an OBEKR needle set in the middle is about right for the Suzuki/Kawasaki Athena 290. That's if the air box is opened up including the screen and a hi-flow aftermarket pipe is installed (Like a DRD Pipe) and the Boyesen Accelerator Pump mod has been done. This mod is the only good way to stop the bogging issue. It works! I've seen it over and over on Suzuki/Kawasaki/Honda/ and Yamaha 4 stroke bikes 250 or 450. Most of the 450 bikes do use smaller 162 to 178 Main Jets even with open air boxes. The CRF450X that won the Baja 500 this year was ported, camed, air box wide open without the screen and it had a 178 Main, a 48 pilot/slow, a 65 leak and an NCYS needle, clip in slot 4 from the top and the Honda 2007 accelerator pump mod. The 450X's come stock with a 142 main, 45 pilot/slow, a 70 leak and an NCVU needle, clip in slot 2 from the top. The 450X's I've worked on run best with a 168 Main, 45 pilot/slow, a 65 leak and an NGGQ needle, clip in the middle groove 4 from the top. This is with an open air box, a hi-flow pipe like the DRD and the Boyesen Accelerator pump timing screw mod. I use the same jet settings for the 450R's I do. I haven't had a complaint yet. The low speed fuel screw on the back bottom of the carb usually needs an extra 1/2 turn counterclockwise with the Boyesen mod. I start the bike to adjust the low speed fuel screw but do it very precisely. Don't start tweaking the screw like a wild Banshee with his hair on fire. What I'm saying here is I believe like the others that your settings are way too rich at 200 Main and you need to experience it for yourself to learn about jetting my friend. OBTW I forgot to mention I live in Huntington Beach, Ca 1/2 mile from the Sunset Beach and I ride at 3,000 feet so I don't want to hear this altitude crap, it's not that sensitive. It will go a little richer at altitude so rock it in with the Main Jet and Needle. If you know what your doing you don't need to take off the carb to change jets and settings. Heck I've done it in the desert on my truck with the wind blowing 40MPH.
  8. Skulavik6151

    450r vs 450x

    Good thinking Mr. Manitoba! If your not riding MotoX you come to the right place. And we 450X riders welcome you!
  9. Skulavik6151

    how much does it cost to replace plastics?

    If you can believe it I saw a completely white 450X on a truck headed for the high desert in California. Bet that sucker looked like a choclate smudge after a couple of rides. Takes all kinds one wants them black ones wants them white. Just get a 14mm black decal kit. I did that on my old Kawasaki because I hated molded cheese green. But remember some contrast is more attractive. So I put just a gentle touch of the green like pin stripping on the black decals. People rubber necked on the freeway because it look really good but really different. I'm like you I like black but it could get real expensive doing this for appearance sake. but Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!
  10. Skulavik6151

    Pirelli MT18HD Rear

    We ride in rocks sooo fast the rear end looks like a Jackass with a cowbell tied to it's tail but my son only weighs 175lbs and I weigh about 190lbs and we have taken a lot of weight off the bikes. Battery and starter when racing. We don't ride at night and if the bike is jetted properly it's easy to kick start. My son 6' 175lbs lights his off first kick most times. We have Excel rims and pay careful attention to the spokes. Titanium bolts everywhere we can get them for. When he roars through the rocks that bike is everywhere, I just laugh my a$$ off, he looks like someone who's gone completely nuts and out of control. He's the one who went off the cliff. Scared the crap out of him for a few minutes and then he took my bike and went fearlessly nuts again. If he's lucky he''l live to be 19. I tell him "Jackass Johnson have you crashed hard today". He says, "No but the day ain't over"! There's got to be a place in Heaven for a crazy ********* like that, don't you think?
  11. Skulavik6151

    Any one change ouy their Leak Jet????

    My son and I tried the settings in the CRF setting table at the bottom of this online page "Shootout Article". It works! We did it on two 450X's with same results. The bike becomes almost unbelieveable. It'll put a smile on your face my friend. We did the suspension mods too before we did serious suspension mods at Pro Valve. Check it out. If you know what your doing you do not need to remove the carb to do these mods. http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/motocross/141_0503_2005_450cc_four_stroke_compared/
  12. Skulavik6151

    Honda admits problems-Well almost (CLOSED!)

    Lot to be said for a two smoke except when you are out of the powerband and need power. As they improve these thumpers and get the RPM's upwards of 13,000, with high tech valve SPRINGS, the two smokes will go away. The problem is not the valve it's weakening the valve springs at extend high speed runs. A continous check and shim exercise! But technology will move forward and this problem will go away. But the gas consumption, emissions and spark hazards of the two smoke will remain. The EPA will kill it here in the USA. I always have loved the powerburst of a two smoke it's a blast but technology moves forward and you must admit the thumper now weighs a whole lot less.
  13. Skulavik6151

    Pirelli MT18HD Rear

    Look at these videos for tire changes. Pinch flats have never happened to us and we ride really hard! Especially incoroporate the baby powder trick on heavy duty 4.0mm tubes. It keeps the friction and heat way down. We run 12 lbs in the front and 12 lbs in the rear. Been riding a long long time with out a flat. Even went off a cliff! It trashed the bike even bent both rims and still no flat. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1215721,00.html
  14. Skulavik6151

    450r vs 450x

    This is true! The bike feels fairly nimble in motion and with suspension mods you can get it close to the R for handling without tiring especially in the shoulders. As a stock bike the 450X really tired my shoulders quickly, trying to keep the front wheel where I wanted it. Pro Valve changed the rear spring and re-valved the shock. They Nickle Hydrated coated, changed the springs, revalved and resealed the front forks. All of that for around $1,250! The bike suspension is so smooth now you don't notice the weight at all. So we put the battery and the starter motor back on the bike. It's like riding on a cloud almost! No $h_t!
  15. Skulavik6151

    Any one change ouy their Leak Jet????

    The Best Jetting with the air box open screen removed, a DRD pipe, the pink wire mod and the Boyesen acclerator pump/timing screw spring mod at 3,000 ft.: #168 Main Jet (Stock #142) NGGQ needle 4th from top #45 Pilot/Slow (That is the Stock jet) #65 Leak jet (stock jet is #70) We run (.8 gallons C12 to 4.2 gallons 91 Octane) Low speed fuel screw from the stop all the way clockwise to 1 and 7/8's counterclockwise. Hang on Dirt Monkey! You can wheelie until there's no crankcase oil left! The bike becomes a screaming Banshee and then some. Give it a try and see the difference...