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  1. I couldn't find the piece that came off it. It's about the size of a dime. If I make a piece to fit (maybe out of aluminum) I wonder if I can JB Weld it up, then put a cover over it.
  2. I just put a huge hole in my 02 ignition cover. I don't think JB Weld will fix this one. I'm looking for a used cover on ebay. Does anyone know what years and models are compatible? Will a KFX cover fit, or is the KLX the only compatible part? Thanks.
  3. Nevermind...found it on the map (duh!). What time y'all staging?
  4. Mind if I tag along??? I ride Georgetown lots, but only been to Stonyford a couple times (last time I was there was for the 08 Jackhammer), and it would be cool to ride with someone who knows their way around. I'm trying to get a buddy from Redding to come down and meet me. Where's Little Stony?
  5. Anyone riding Georgetown tomorrow?? All my buddies flaked. I'm pretty experienced, love the place (been there at least 30 times), and have my own map. Gotta ride tomorrow!!! thanks, Pat
  6. For not getting lost, I like the #1 loop...a little less than 30 miles, and every type of terrain out there. Only 1 trail to stick to , too. I've been there over 50 times, and ALWAYS bring my map.
  7. Hey Guys, I just picked up a Pro-Comp for my '02 and I need some ideas for the best place to mount the pickup on the front wheel, and bracket mount for the bars. I have a buddy who's a prototype machinist for a high-tech firm, so I can make any type of bracket I need. Any pics of what works best for you guys would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Pat
  8. Hey Guys, Some of you already know this story. I had to sell my '80 PE400 in college so I could buy Top Ramen (and cheap beer), and after 15 years, a wife, 3 kids, a career and a mortgage, I've somehow got my wife to give me enough money to get back into dirt riding. So... I just recently picked up an '02 400E, and I'm lovin' it. I'm a little outta shape, but for the most part I still remember how to ride. I'm looking for an extra rear wheel to set a paddle on for the sand, and I can't find one anywhere. Oh sure, I can get one from my dealer, but HOLY CRAP it's expensive. I know some of you are thinking, 'just get the paddle and swap for the knobby, you can do that a buch of times for the cost of a wheel', but I want to be able to swap back and forth during a trip without too much hassle, (and I did that when I was in college, and it sucked). Does anyone have a used wheel they want to part with, know someone who does, or can line me out as to the best place to get all the parts to build one? By the way...killer forum. Thanks, Pato