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  1. Keep an eye on Washington native Sanayei . He was killing it in Spain ....
  2. We have always ran 1000ML or a full quart in our bikes and never worried bout any consumption. Fill it and forget it till 5hrs is up and change it again
  3. We do ours at 50hrs which is about winter time each year anyway so it works out
  4. that left radiator does not look stock to me. Other then that that thing looks clean
  5. I believe its 170-180lbs
  6. Right on . I run same oil and bout the same maintance but use Flo filters for oil and twin air for air. Vet riden only. Our 250f i have always gotten 50hrs out of topends. This is my first 450f so was hoping to go a little longer.
  7. check for nicks. Your suspension guy shoulda done that for you but you never know
  8. i wouldnt touch them valves. What kind of oil you run. Nice to see someone getting 85hrs on a top end
  9. in my opinion she is well used compared to all the old kawi ive sold. My 07 with 135hours on it was in better shape
  10. Honestly power wise i've always been told the stock Kawi exhaust puts out the most power. I don't think you will lose any with the FMF and it will be quieter and not be so raspy.
  11. Push down on kick starter several times till ya find top dead center. It will lock up say at about the 10-11 o'clock position looking from the side. Then give it a good kick from there
  12. usually its the main ring at 6:00 clock. The other 2 at 4 O'clock and and 8 O'clock all looking from the back fender or on the bike. Wait forgot bout 1 ring. heres a pic out of a manual The piston ring openings must be positioned as shown in the figure. The openings of the oil ring steel rails must be 15° ∼ 20° of angle from the opening of the oil ring expander. Circle Mark [A] Top Ring Upper Oil Ring Steel Rails [C] Oil Ring Expander [D] Lower Oil Ring Steel Rail [E]
  13. Also make sure you get i think its the 2014 o-ring or newer. They did a redesign and there much better now
  14. may have a nick in your forks. Need to find it and sand it down. I hear SKF seals solve some of the sticking issue, But i have not tried it yet