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  1. spin05

    2011 Kx250f. What do you make of this?

    thats pretty trashed. Even the plug looks acient
  2. spin05

    Pro Circuit KX250F Lower Link

    It should be 10mm longer if i remember right. And yes its mainly for handling
  3. spin05

    2015 kx450 smoking

    Its normal. Every kawasaki ive owned since 07 has done it from new off the showroom to 140hrs.
  4. spin05

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Kawi wins the transworld 450 mx shootout. Boy the tides have turned quickly. Cant wait to see Tomac on one at MXDN https://motocross.transworld.net/videos/transworld-motocross-2019-450-mx-shootout/
  5. I believe for the same reason Baggett had to move up
  6. spin05

    2017 KX450F Just installed my SKF Glide Kit

    intresting. I have ponder this mod for my 2015. My forks are revalved by FC already
  7. spin05

    2006 kx 250f jetting

    on my 07 which is identical. I just ran a JD jet kit and was done with it
  8. spin05

    I have a stupid question oil levels

    i have never looked at mine other then to confirm i did indeed put oil in after a change. Put in the required amount plus some extra and dont worry bout it
  9. spin05

    Snapped bolt

    Easy out it. I think you have to split cases to change that shaft
  10. spin05

    Good place to have forks rebuilt in Temecula area

    i think Factory Connection is around there too
  11. spin05

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    That shouldnt matter to the educated buyer due to Tomac is not yet on a 2019 kx450
  12. spin05

    KX250f vs FC250....need some input

    Everything i hear says buy a 2017 and newer husky. Also the transmission in the husky is a weak link
  13. spin05

    Kx450f clitch bearing

    Could be the pull rod too. Theres a fix for it. Usually it does it when its hot
  14. spin05

    Quick question

    I didnt think they had a thermostat. But could be wrong. Post up a pic of what your talking bout
  15. spin05

    2014 kx250f

    my sons 2015 Kawi we sold was the best starting kawi we have owned out of all going back to 2007