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  1. Could be the pull rod too. Theres a fix for it. Usually it does it when its hot
  2. I didnt think they had a thermostat. But could be wrong. Post up a pic of what your talking bout
  3. my sons 2015 Kawi we sold was the best starting kawi we have owned out of all going back to 2007
  4. i would say you may be correct. How does it run????
  5. motocross

    I dont mind the air horn or cow bell. Its not a library and i dont go to a national for piece and quiet. Everything there makes a shit ton of noise. Bikes,pressure washers,generators,loud speakers etc etc
  6. SKF fork seals i hear help with stiction too
  7. motocross

    He did good at mammoth today
  8. I just told them what it was doing popping, that i had a ti FMF pipe slipon, And that i was a Vet B rider and wanted a little more down low power. Semed to be fine when i got it back
  9. i told em to map it to the one use the most. in my case the green one
  10. got to send the ECM out. I know kinda sucks
  11. my 450 did too. Tokyo mods remap took care of it
  12. I find it funny that in all the test so far the guys are all running the black coupler map.
  13. motocross

    Dont overlook A-Marts Trainer, Whipple
  14. Just what the manager at one of the dealers i have bought from said. They have had quite a few yamaha come in with something broke and it was do to trying to bump start it due to the battery dead and no kick starter. All i know
  15. hopefully you can bump start this one. I think its the yamaha that you cant. So if your battery goes dead your F'D