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  1. obxnc

    NC Rider Connection Thread

    I'm 36 and live in Moyock, NC (Currituck County) I ride an 01 YZ426 with my three boys on their CR125, CRF150, and KX65 We love NCMP in Henderson (3 hours away). Currituck MX park has been sold and heard it is relocating 30 miles south. Morgan's Corner and ECMX are both around Elizabeth City for track riding. There is Slades in Surry, VA for trails and track (with no jumps), and Mr T's Hunt Club in Ivor (track and trails). If anyone wants to go riding with a family of beginners, just let me know...
  2. obxnc

    any North Carolinians out there

    I am in Moyock, NC (Currituck County - furthest north east part of the state). There really aren't any tracks/trails here for non-A/B riders. Don't get me wrong, I have been to CMX (closed and sold), Morgan's Corner (heard it has gotten tamer than last year but still requires a ton of skill and nothing is rollable). I have 3 boys (15 - CR125, 13 - CRF150, and 11 - KX65) that are still learnin. We went to NCMP and loved it. a little over 3 hours away, but worth the trip. Would love to go ridin around here but everything is too technical. Anybody in the area with tons of land that wants help building a track, let me know and I will help out in any way possible.
  3. obxnc

    Head pipe

    A friend of mine who has an 06 CRF250R has had a ton of problems with the right intake valve stretching. That is the only valve that has given him problems and he has to shim it after a hard day of riding. After repacing the valves, he just put on some header wrap to see if it will increase the time between shimming by reducing the heat coming off the header and attacking the head on the right side. I know that isn't much help, but when I saw this thread I just had to mention it.
  4. obxnc

    Where could the oil be leaking from?

    There is an oil seal behind the sprocket. If you are riding in muddy areas and you have that cover over your chain/sprocket, it will trap dirt in there and it will eventually get up under that seal and cause a leak. It is an easy fix.. Just replace the seal.. Another thing to check would be the timing hole.. A friend of mine was riding mine and his boots would loosen up the top screw while shifting and holding on and cause oil to leak. But, you would see oil on the toe of your boot.
  5. obxnc

    nc rider need your help

    You can try www.ncmotorsportspark.com I haven't been, but I am going down there next weekend. Heard it is pretty good and I am going with a friend that went a few months ago.
  6. obxnc

    Cam Split Ring

    There should be two of those rings.. One for the exhaust cam and one for the intake cam. They ride in the slot on the cam and fit into the caps. Check your caps, maybe the other one is still in there... As for your other question, I am not sure if you can see in there... the best bet would be to put a bit of oil in there and turn the bike on the left side and it may float towards the left so you can see it (if it is in there). Hope this helps.. I did the mod to mine and love not having the starting drill..
  7. obxnc

    yz 426 freeze up!

    Same thing happened to me at the beginning of the summer... My kickstarter wouldn't budge. My son was riding it and it just locked up. Couldn't even budge the kickstarter. Turned out to be a frozen connecting rod bearing. The bad news is that you have to completely disassemble the motor and replace the crankshaft assembly (about the same cost as having a new bearing pressed on). The good news is that if you use your manual and take your time and have lots of baggies and tables, you can do it in a day with relatively no experience (must have some mechanical ability though). By doing it myself, I spent around $500, including a HotCams exhaust cam. If I would have taken it in, it would have run over $1000 to rebuild the motor. Good luck and don't forget to post your results. You'll get her going again...
  8. obxnc

    01 YZ 426 Stalls while jumping

    I'll give that a shot. Raising the idle... It idles well though. I don't have the decompression lever/cable anymore because I installed the HotCams exh cam. So that can't be the problem. I'll raise the idle a bit and see what happens.
  9. Here is the problem.... When I jump my bike, in mid air, it will stall (sometimes). Now these aren't any large jumps either. Just some small doubles and a short tabletop. Everytime I hit the air, it will die. My son was riding it the other day and complained of it stalling while corning on our berm (left turn). That one only happens rarely though. Any ideas?? I have yet to mess with the fuel screw (just not enough hours in the day). Is that where I should be looking??
  10. obxnc

    yz 426 not starting

    One of the worst things you can do to a 426 is start it up just to hear it run. If you start it, you better ride it or else you will be eating plugs... Other than that, just follow gigans advice on finding TDC first, then pull in the lever and push and inch or so, then release everything and kick the crap out of it.
  11. obxnc

    426 Blue wire on carb

    Fastest1 is right... The blue wire is not on the carb but on a plug by the right radiator. It is the light blue one. If you remove the wire, it is supposed to allow your bike to start easier. I have not personally done the mod "yet". But I have heard mixed reviews on it. Works for some and others can't tell the difference.
  12. obxnc

    2002 yz426f

    The hotcam is pretty straight forward.. You can do that yourself.. As for an electric starter.. Maybe you should have looked for a WR instead of a YZ...
  13. obxnc

    '00 YZ426 engine froze up

    If you can't kick it over with the decompression lever pulled, then it probably is the connecting rod bearing. I just replaced my whole crankshaft assembly because of that very problem. The good thing is that it is relatively easy to do yourself.
  14. obxnc

    Cam for my new 01 YZ426

    Welcome... I too am pretty new here. I just did the cam swap on my bike. I used the HotCams part# 4035-1e. That has the auto decompression and is the best thing I have done to the bike. You will not regret it at all.. Don't get me wrong. I could start my bike flawlessly and had the technique down. It is just when you are tired from riding in the woods and it stalls, it is a pain kicking to TDC, pulling the lever, pushing a bit then kicking the crap out of it.. It is just so much easier with the cam. DO IT!!! You won't regret it..
  15. obxnc

    When do I need to rejet 01 426

    Sounds like a dirty carb. On the bottom of the bowl is a rather large looking bolt, remove that and there will probably be dirt in there.. When you accelerate, it is probably sucking the dirt up into the jet causing it to starve for fuel. Same thing happened to my son't CRF150. Would idle fine and putt around fine, but once you got on it, those pieces of dirt (2 in his) sucked up to the jet and killed the engine.