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  1. Dirtrider316


    Finally someone with some sense.^^^^^^^ And yes, that is exactly the response i knew i would get, and yes to v dawn, i did join in, that was the whole reason. I chimed in, and got nothing but sarcasm, and slander. Typical of most. Good Bye Females:ride: Hope i didn't mis-spell anything.
  2. Dirtrider316


    Beer and BBq is good, but when i sign in to TT and select newest posts. I see "Feminism", and am curious to see what people have to say. Its a sensitive issue as i can see, and honestly i dont care what my post count is. I know it is important to some though, and if i was not, the TT WebMaster would remove it from being seen, so there is some validity with regards post count. All due respect, i am not a bone head, or an A88hole, and i have not harassed you in any way, and yet you chose to slay me for my opinion. I made a simple statement of truth which you cannot deny. If your speaking on this subject of womens equality with men, then why am i wrong to mention the post count issue, with women getting credit for post of non related isssues? It just makes sense, and FYI, i will view any thread i choose, this is a public forum, if you do not want the Thumerette forum to be viewed by all users, then have the TT web people remove it.
  3. Dirtrider316


    Sure you can talk about your gender all you want, thats great, but why does your post count go up when your subject is not related to motorcycling? Hmm, Thats a good question to ask Bryan, after all, this is ThumperTalk, thats why i say it should me moved in the Townsquare Forum. Im not trying to be offensive, but if i started a thread on "Greatness of Men" in the General Forum, it would be yanked and put into the TS Forum, and then i would recieve no credit for posting? Is it because Thumpettes are women, and therefore receive post credit for non-motorcycle related subjects?
  4. Dirtrider316

    Blue or Red?

    Yamaha for me. Everytime i see someone push starting a bike at the track, or cant get one started. Its always a honda. Dont know why, but it is. Hondas look way better though.
  5. Dirtrider316

    Anyone notice Michael Willard?

    Thats really cool, free bikes, and testing. Im going to keep my eye on him. He seems like a cool guy, and he is a great rider, but when your up against the best in the world, its a tough ladder to climb. Thanks for the input.
  6. Dirtrider316

    whats the first thing you notice on a bike

    I like to look at the sub frame from the rear of the bike to see if its straight.
  7. Dirtrider316

    Supercross Anyone notice Michael Willard?

    I really enjoyed watching Micheal Willard in the Canadian outdoors, he pretty much ruled the lites class. I think he rode for Blackfoot Honda. Is that the same MW that has been top 20-25 in the AMA nationals. He got a 20th at budds creek i think. If so, its cool to see how much better the USA guys are. There cant be two Micheal Willards can there, and who is his sponsor here?
  8. Dirtrider316

    Lites race at Budds Creek

    Yea, that race was great. Josh Grant did a good job of holding them off for a while. I like Dungey, and i think he will continue to get better. J-Law rode well, but those 3 are a step down from Villopoto and Townley.
  9. Dirtrider316

    supercross the movie

    Never watched supercross the movie. I heard it sucked, and from what you guys say, it must be true. Now, Motocrossed the Disney movie was really cool. I liked it. Some unknown source said Travis did the racing action in it? Cant remember where i heard that.
  10. Dirtrider316

    Ugliest bike ever!

    Wow, this wins the prize. Its really crappy looking, a real beater.
  11. Your dangerous man, you took a gamble with a $6000 dollar bike. Your scaring me Jim. Fortunately, your gamble worked..... Looks cool
  12. Dirtrider316

    2008 Info!!! You heard it here first

    Thanks for the info, i dont spend much time checking into "whats new" out there. I think it will be interesting to see how the production bikes will perform compared to the carburated models. Im sure the AMA will come up with some new rule about it. For example, it has to be a 247.9 CC now, instead of 250.
  13. Dirtrider316

    Lites class hitting the Leap at Red Bud

    I think villopoto has great jumping skills, and if he needs to do it to win. He will try, if he thinks he can develop enough speed on the approch.
  14. Dirtrider316

    RC's Last race is Red Bud??

    Not sure Ike, but he was scheduled to do 6 events & the Mxdn at Budds creek. Not sure if he backed out of one or not, but if he does, he will win it.
  15. I like the spy goggles, the are mid priced and fairly decent, plus they have a lot a colors. I also like the signature series the make. Really cool looking.