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  1. im looking to get a street legal bike to cruise around town with.. and the 2002 Yamaha YZ426F looks good, but what do i need to do to make it legal in CA?
  2. looking for a thumper that's street legal in CA... the thing is, i'm only 18 and can't afford the new ones like the 08 KTM's or Huskies... so which enduro/motard would be good for street in CA for around ~$3000 used
  3. ok so i changed the spark plug to a ngsk BR9ES, and i turned the pilot air-mixture screw out a bit to lean it out, and then i rid for about 5 minutes. then i took a look at the plug and now its dry carbon... not fouled though, im sure if i continue like this it will foul.... but before it would be wet carbon fouled... does this mean i should lean it a little bit more or what? then, how can i clean this plug to get the back stuff off?
  4. ok, if i have carbon fouling or oil fouling, this means im running too rich. i run 40:1 and i still get oily plugs, this is more than likely because its hot now, like 90 degrees and i live in high altitude (dont know exactly how high), so i should run lean right? would i need to ajust the pilot air screw or pilot jet? and how would i do this and how far should i go? thanks again
  5. i just switched the spark plug to a ngk BR9ES any good?, and right now ill try rejetting the needle leaner
  6. yeh thats exactly what happens
  7. anyone know how i can stop the plug from fouling everytime?
  8. ? retard
  9. so i have an 05 125 and ive gone through about 5 spark plugs already, only had the bike for about 4 months. It appears that its always carbon fouled... what could be the problem??????
  10. who actually keeps that thing on their number plate? the one that supposably is there to hold your vent hose? i just cut mine off, but why does yamaha do that? the vent hose goes in the steering tube in the first place, and looks weird on the number plate
  11. yeh i have one on mine, but i just want to know, whats the benefits, or cons, if any
  12. how many of you use them? what are the pros and cons of having one? http://www.dirtbike.co.nz/images/fuel%20filter%20tn.jpg and do they work the same on a smoker and a thumper? any diff?
  13. ^ did you paint those fenders by yourself or what? how does paint stick on the plastics?
  14. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4288798067769883662&q=redneck&pl=true
  15. no way, your the only other person i have seen that has put mesh on their shrouds besides me. looks good. how did you do it? heres how mine turned out http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/830/shrouds0is.png