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    1995 wxe 350 1996 wxc 610

    My 92 350 is actually a 420 with larger valves, 40mm Dell carb, Uptite exhaust and misc. Starting hot is usually 1 to 3 kicks. Started 2nd kick this morning @ 16F. Never had a problem starting it and it pulls clean with no stalling or coughing. Never worked on the kickstarter but have replace cam chain twice, con-rod & misc. Had some problem with the rear hub/bearings. At high elevation in stock form the 350 is pretty anemic. Change the oil often. Suspension transformed from worthless to very good with a tune. Slow steering in the tight stuff but extremely stable and great fun in the fast stuff. It won't replace my TE450 but my 350/420 is a keeper. 2nd the info about Hall's - they are great.
  2. Denverduc

    Mazzaferro big-bores

    I have a 92 350 with a big-bore conversion done by Ron Mazzaferro (out of CA) in back in the early 90s? This increased the displacement to about 419 or 420 cc. Does anybody know the piston used? (maybe a 510 piston?)
  3. Just to clarify. Forks & shocks were both initially revaled at LTR. Only the shock was sent to ACE - for several reasons. Mainly, I think the forks may be close and wanted to give "the benefit of doubt". We'll see how it works. Also, I have a 92 WXE 350 spread on the gargage floor and 2 Ducs occuping the rest. I've got too big of a mess and the better half wants her half of the garage back!
  4. Just my story and my opinion on my lessons learned. I am not that knowledgeable on suspensions and not knowing/trusting anyone locally to do zokes & sachs suspension as well as not having a long term Husky dealer in Colorado for years, I sent my 06 TE450 suspension to LTR based upon reading recommendations here. I finally got the jetting dialed in and was able to get to to really ride it, unfortunately just before the snows came. I can't testify to the forks performance yet, as the shock is the limiting factor, even after much adjustment. After revalving and much adjustment, I still had to max out my settings in order to provide a reasonable damping and minimized kickback at high speed. Any other settings and it just didn't work well at all. My shock is now at ACE for revalving and we'll see what happens.