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    2000 cr 250 in 2003 frame. some a$$ stold it.
    current 2005 yz 250 procircuit pipe, factory connection suspension.
  1. michelin star cross mh3 is the only tire i run
  2. what cam is everyone using?
  3. Michelin Starcross MH3 they wear awsome and get great grip
  4. how does it run?
  5. has anyone tried the dr d rad lower kit on a yz250 and do you really notice a difference?
  6. factory did my 05 forks . they do a awsome job . i love em . and i run mine 5mm in the clamps and love it . have no problems with head shake
  7. i just bought a 05 . all i did was spring it for my weight . and just dialing it in. all the bs about big bore kits and spending big money . you dont need to do that.i race senior 2 and dont have any problem with 450's on starts. just a lil practice and some dialing in and you'll be in there. i would go with the different needle it does help as they were prone to pinging and this stops that.
  8. i've always used simple green with no problems at all. never had any etching .i spray it on scrub and wash . then after either wd40 or silicone spray.
  9. so whats the best set up since the pics are not coming up? i have a choice between stock on my 2005 and procircuit works with shorty?
  10. dont let that one get away does it come with a wash bucket to ? good thing it has a stage 2 . if it had a stage one probally wouldnt be a championship bike lol.what some people wont put in a add.lol
  11. i ride motocross i currently have a stock pipe with a pro circuit silencer on it . what pipe is eveyone using ? should i keep stock? i feel its got plenty of low i just want to the low and extend the mid and top as i think it runs out to fast. my current gearing is 14/52 and i run a 10 oz flywheel weight
  12. is the length the same on a 2000 and 2003 rear shock? ive looked everywhere and even emailed factory connection and works performance and noone seems to know
  13. do they make it for a cr250 2003 yet?
  14. i did this mod to and love love love it.. took a 2000 engine and put it in a 2003 frame what a difference.i love it better than my 450 so the 450 is sold now .
  15. thanks guys . ya i'm not happy but you live and learn and with forums like this, people will know what kind of guy he is .thanks again