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  1. snackdaddy

    Red Hot Exaust at idle

    Figured it out. It was a vaccum leak. The glowing red exaust was caused by the very lean mixture. Fixed the vaccum leak and all is good. Thanks for the suggestions. Mike
  2. snackdaddy

    Red Hot Exaust at idle

    2005 drz 400s Drz e cams Drz E Carb Athena Big Bore kit 165 main stock needle 3rd clip 45 pilot I was having difficulty with the bike idling would just die. Took out the carb and cleaned it. Now it will idle somewhat but the exaust is glowing red after about 1 or 2 minutes at idle. Adjusting the fuel screw will change the idle speed. Any ideas or suggestions? I am near the end of my rope and might break down and pay someone to fix it. Thanks Mike
  3. snackdaddy

    DRZ will not Rev

    You the Man Slowriding....ran like a top with the yellows disconnected. Do you know why that is? When I look at the wiring diagram I can not figure out why it would run fine with it disconnected... where in bc are you from?
  4. snackdaddy

    DRZ will not Rev

    So I tested the pick up and Signal Coils... The pick up coil resitance was good the signal coil was off. According to my manual (could someone please confirm that the spec stayed the same for a 2005 as my manual is for a 2001) the resitance should be between .05 and .2 I am getting readings around 15 ohms. I still have to check to make sure no loose conections but looks like a new rickey or rmstator will be the solution. I will let you all know how it goes next weekend. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. snackdaddy

    DRZ will not Rev

    Is that the 3 wire connector that comes of the carb? If so I tried it with it connected and unconnected. And no difference. If it is another conector PLEASE let me know... Thanks for the ideas Mike
  6. snackdaddy

    DRZ will not Rev

    Thanks for the reply. The carb was completely disassembled and cleaned twice. I did check that the needle was secure. I am sure the jets are in the correct place.
  7. snackdaddy

    DRZ will not Rev

    Background Having a frustrating problem with my 2005 DRZ 400S. It has a pumper carb of a 2003 DRZ400E. I changed over to the pumper carb 2 years ago. The bike ran fine with current jetting so I do not think that needs to be discussed. The Issue After an approximately 20 km of a high-speed run the bike refused to accelerate. The bike will idle fine. I started to limp the bike home, about 20 minutes in to the ride back to the truck the bike came to life and worked fine. Upon return to home the bike will only idle. When I turn the throttle passed 1/5 of a turn huge missing and backfiring. What I have done Checked and adjusted the valves New spark Plug Cleaned out the carb twice. After both carb rebuilds I have the exact same issues. After running for less the 2 minutes the plug was wet and black. The spark when turning over is bright and jumps at least 1.5 cm Advice? Questions?
  8. snackdaddy

    Help me find my missing HP

    Wow thanks for all the questions. I Had a Pirelli MT 21 on the rear. Just running a regular needle ( it might be the one from the jd kit). What one should I use? The bike has a 3x3 air box mod. No other data other than horsepower/speed available. The dyno graph showed a very nice flat and smooth top.
  9. snackdaddy

    Help me find my missing HP

    Oh great gurus of the internet tell me what happened to my missing power… Specs 2005 DRZ 400 S Mods oh are their mods the biggest one was to my wallet… Opened the Airbox No Toil Filter DRZ E Pumper Carb DRZ E Cams Athena 440 kit Yosh Full system RS 3 Judging by how it feels, runs, and the Dyno run the carb seems to be well tuned…(IIRC 142 main 4 clip) I just want 40 horsepower out of this thing..I really do not think that is asking too much. The only info I have on the dyno is HP an MPH Max Power is 36.2 hp ( no torque figures) Any suggestions? Could the timing be out? Will the mrd solve all my issues?
  10. snackdaddy

    Drz E Carb onto a DRZ S

    I got aa killer deal on a 2003 drz e carb and air boots. I am attempting to install it onto a 2005 drz S. The new air boot does not have a port on it for a breather hose. What am I supposed to do with the hose. Thanks for the input Is there a good thread on doing a swap
  11. Well my chain let go in the dunes and put a hole in my case. It looks like I will have to split the case to get it welded up. I assume the case is pure aluminum? If I do split the case what big bore kit should I get? It is a DRZ S mostly used in the dirt (Mainly Quad trails and wider single track) I am a big boy and tend to beat the snot out of the bike so reliability is more important than Massive horsepower gains (SO no stroker Kit) Looking forward to your opinions or a link to what Big Bore Kit Eddie recomends (I have searched) Thanks Mike
  12. snackdaddy

    Help! - How hard is the chain buffer to replace?

  13. snackdaddy

    How much should I pay?

    I found an add for the following performance parts. I know they are new but nothing else. Are these worthy performance upgrades for the type of riding I do? I am a fat bastard who mostly wants more power for the single track/hillclimbs and the highway riding. 450cc aluminum big bore with je piston, hotrods stroker crank, fcr41 carb, old style stage 2 hotcam What would you pay?? What about the quality/performance of the parts???? Thanks Mike
  14. snackdaddy

    Guided Trips

    Hey Dickmaster check out dualsportbc. http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=5178&forum_id=64
  15. snackdaddy

    Importing bike into canada

    If you are importing a licensed bike check out this link http://ronh2005.googlepages.com/howtoimportamotorcycle BMW has started charing $500 for the recall letter in a misguided effort to help out canadian dealers. Apparently other brands are thinking of doing the same.