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  1. Someone commented on the whole "why not buy a used brand name bike" in a private message. Been there, done that, it sucked. I had casually been watching for a used on/off road bike in the local paper for a few month. Anything half decent was $2K. Part of the problem is I live in a small city (50K people) so there's not a lot of turn over. Eventually I found a older DR650. It was bigger than I wanted but the price was right - $1200. I took it to the local dealer and had them inspect it before I purchased it - they said the front shocks were leaking a little but it looked fine. I was concerned that it seemed to vibrate a lot (this was my first single-cylinder) but they said it was normal. So I bought the bike. Two weeks later the rear mono shock died. Luckily it was after-market and still under warranty (by only about two weeks). I rode it through the summer and a couple times the vibration I was concerned about would go away for very brief periods of time - like 30 seconds or so. I took it to another dealer and had them look at it - they couldn't find anything wrong. Three weeks after I took it to the second dealer I was changing the oil and noticed metal flakes throughout the oil. I took off the engine cover and saw the engine internals were coated with metal flakes. It turns out the counter balancer chain and gearing had disintegrated - the cost to repair was going to be $1600 to replace all the bearings. I looked for a used engine for months but the only working ones I could find were over $1000. I sold it, non-working, on Ebay for $500. So it cost me about $1000+ for a summer of riding. About the same amount as my new JetMoto :-) and I'll probably spend less time fixing the JetMoto.
  2. I'm in Flagstaff. If you get up here come by and see the bike. I haven't seen the Lifan. For those interested in a really cheap bike the MaxFine is one to consider http://maxfine.ebigchina.com/ They'll sell directly to anyone just send them an email and you'll start getting monthly promotions. The cost is only $680-$720 FOB Los Angeles. They will sell single units. Shipping to a terminal would run about another $200 or so. The 200cc dirt bikes are *not* EPA or DOT registered. A bunch of people are selling these on Ebay for a lot more. We got snow today so I probably won't try and register the JetMoto until the roads clear up.
  3. I just rode my JetMoto for the first time! Unfortunately it's dark and cold and I'm supposed to be watching the baby so I only went around the block. I bought it on Ebay in the beginning of December. They have them listed for $1200 + shipping but if you look at the auction there's a "Submit best offer" link. Mine ended up being $1168 including home delivery. The first time I submitted the best offer they rejected it but I tried again two months later and they took it. There's probably some variance it what they will accept depending on supply and demand. I got the bike in less than a week. Unfortunately it was missing the shift lever, kick-stand spring and the fender was cracked. I contacted JetMoto via email and they said to email a picture of the fender and they would send the parts. Unfortunately after two weeks I never received them. Over the course of the following 4 weeks I emailed them about 7 times and spoke to Dimitri on the phone 3 times in addition to numerous phone messages. I was promised the items would ship the next day 3 times but the parts never went out. Six weeks after I got the bike I threatened to reverse the credit card charges - that got an immediate response and a tracking number for the package within 4 hours. I had the parts 3 days later. I'm not sure what happened on JetMoto's side. I was only dealing with Dimitri until the last email. I'm hoping he was just completely screwing up for four weeks straight and this experience doesn't represent future JetMoto interactions. My gut feeling is that the whole bad experience was a fluke. I'm pretty happy with the bike so far - it's what I expected. I had seen a KPX in town and figured the JetMoto would be pretty similar. If I weren't so cheap I think the Lifan would be the bike to get. In spite of the claims of many of the other retailers, Lifan appears to be the only EPA/DOT approved GY200-series bike. I believe as part of the DOT registration they have to have a recall mechanism in place in case there are major safety issues. Also Lifan has a large facility in the US for distribution which means they may be here for the long run. I got the MSO from JetMoto pretty quickly and now that I can ride the bike I'll see if I can get it titled and registered here in AZ.