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  1. hobsnbinks

    air pressure???

    what air tire pressure are you running off road?
  2. hobsnbinks

    Ebay DR huge rack

    theres another rack if you search e bay (dr650,dr650se)its bigger then the one pictured earlier,i like mine
  3. hobsnbinks

    small mods

    been reading about different mods here and i went with the 14 tooth f/s and new rollers from jessie.e bay rack,mirror extension,lost the rear fender and added license plate light to homemade lic plate holder. also got spitfire windshield but it throws the wind in my visor but helped body in cool weather.ive been reading about king tires...any better off road then death wings.im 70%on road but need to keep my kid from laughing at me in the woods.THANK TO ALL FOR YOUR INFO HERE AT TT.
  4. hobsnbinks


    i got the spitfire s-06,set it high as i could and the wind hits right in the face.im 6-1,long in the back
  5. hobsnbinks

    mirror extensions dr650

    thanks guys, these will work
  6. hobsnbinks

    mirror extensions dr650

    hey guys i saw a extension for the stock mirrors on a dr650,i just cant see past my shoulders.any help thanks
  7. hobsnbinks

    handle bar size

    thanks 7/8,se(seven-eights)
  8. hobsnbinks

    handle bar size

    whats the stock handle bars on a 06 dr650 7/8 or 1"
  9. hobsnbinks

    ttr125 front sprocket

    just changed the sprockets n chain. front sprocket has a little play in n out on shaft,1/16+- inch behind c clip. is this normal.also how much free play should chain have with bike on stand and then how much w/rider on. ty
  10. hobsnbinks

    dr650 2006 noisy chain guard?

    thanks for the info. chain is fine but will keep a eye on it.i will try the new rollers and see if that helps. ty
  11. hobsnbinks

    dr650 2006 noisy chain guard?

    just got this bike brand new and the chain guard? (white thing)that the chain run thru is very noisy.is this normal? ty