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  1. garvey73

    repacking silencer difficulties

    if your bike is continously getting louder and louder every time you ride then you should consider repacking. after a while the packing in the pipe canister starts to break down, thus not soaking up as much sound waves... even though your bike sounds kind of cool after it hasnt been repacked in awhile, your horsepower and throttle response will weaken... so a freshly packed silencer is GOOD...
  2. garvey73

    Mods for yz85?

    dude, if your gonna soup up the motor and not even run the right stuff in it, you then are defeating the whole purpose of making the bike fast... if your not going to reek the full benefits then why spend all the money if your not getting the complete package a lot of people look to make their bike faster, and 90% of the time they dont need it... its really like a fat dude wasting his money buying a light titanium exhaust system so his bike isnt as heavy, when he could shed a good 45lbs lessons, suspension, small priced upgrades... theres just no reason to trick your motor out when you only have $250, now if you had $500+ i would say try it out... but $250 is not enough for a complete package
  3. garvey73

    spark plug problem

    your bike only runs on fuel and air, oil is lubricant... the only way to lessen the amount of gas (the gas is what fouls your plugs) you put into the motor and carb is to simply add more oil to your mixture. so 40:1 has more gas and less oil than 32:1, so if you do pour in a higher ratio of gas to oil (28:1, 30:1, and 32:1) you will LEAN your jetting very slightly... the best way to prevent your plug from fouling is to simply decide what ratio you want to mix your gas and oil at (i recommend 32:1), and then change your carb jetting (main jet, pilot jet, needle position) so that your bike operates perfectly at what ratio of oil and gas you put into your bike. once you decide what ratio of oil to gas you want, first thing i would do if your plug is fouling black and wet... is to LEAN your main jet (ex. 320 main jet, change to 310 main jet)... next LEAN your pilot jet (ex. 40 pilot jet, change to 37.5 pilot jet) a word of advice is to buy a couple spark plugs before testing, because unless you dont get your jetting spot on the first time you will probably foul your spark plug sooner or later until you get the jetting right...
  4. garvey73

    spark plug problem

    wait a second, are you fouling your plug and it is all oily, or are you fouling your plug and it is white and dry? if it is black and oily you are too rich, you can try to lean your jetting out or try a hotter plug.(br9eg is cooler than a br8eg, the lower the number on a sparkplug the hotter it is) if it is white and dry you are too lean, you can try to richen your jetting out or try a cooler plug, i recommend richen your jetting before trying a cooler plug... if you run the bike to lean you can seize your piston, because there is not enough lubrication. if your bike is too lean fix your problem before you go ride it more...
  5. garvey73

    Mods for yz85?

    boy you need to watch your postin! i pretty much said the same thing as you did, except i was typin it up and didnt know you posted that...
  6. garvey73

    Mods for yz85?

    kx rider did you take into consideration to get your bike jetted, paying for race gas, and how much more often you have to replace the piston (topend)... when you think about it, it actually adds up for $100 for a professional to jet your bike, a ton of money to use a 50/50 mix of 93 octane and 105 -110 octane race gas, and $150 to replace your topend (youll be replacing much more often). Norcal recommended suspension work, and that is the other option i would spend my money on... if your suspension is dialed in perfect, it will allow you to ride over obstacles much more smoother and FASTER. Suspension is a real good idea it WILL make you faster, if set up for you.
  7. garvey73

    YZ 85 and $50 bucks.

    boyesen pro series reeds they are around $45...
  8. garvey73

    Mods for yz85?

    luke, do not spend your money on head enhancements, or port polishing... because it will cost you much more money than $250.00 (after motor alterations, you will definately have to change your jetting)... from the sounds of it, it seems as if you are somewhat new to dirtbikes. Dont waste your money on the boyesen rad valve, or vforce 3 reeds, or vforce delta 2 reed valve... get the boyesen pro series reed petals, they will give your bike a large enhancement of power and theyre only around $40. Next think about getting a twin air airfilter or uni airfilter, but if you dont want to do that change your sprocket gearing (if you go up a tooth on the front sprocket it will give you more top speed, but it will take away from your acceleration...if you go up a tooth on the rear sprocket it will give you more acceleration, but it will take away from your topspeed). For reed petals it all depends on how hard and long you rev the bike, for extended periods of high revving carbon reed petals would be better because they are more durable and help prevent from chipping or splitting, plus they give you a big topend hit. Fiber glass reed petals are more for supercross, and not for extended periods of high revving, these reed petals are more flexible and are not as durable so they will chip easier, but they give you a big bottomend hit....
  9. garvey73

    how much for an 01 yz 125

    sell it and buy 100 boxes of these: then youll look like this
  10. garvey73

    Old Vs. New

    the older yz isnt as fast, but if you add this to your gas tank: it will help with horsepower, and youll kill all the competition
  11. garvey73


    dude i was talking about a 50/50 mix of vegi oil and whatever tranny oil you use..... i do it to my bike and it keeps the clutch perfect,... i highly suggest running it in your gas tank 1 oz. per gallon it works wonders, just clean your carb every once in a while... The nice thing about vegi oil is that you can buy for soooo cheap, its unbelievable im currently testing the laquer that i have applied to the interior of the carb... that will probably help with less gumage and a smoother flow
  12. garvey73

    more power out of a yz125?

    dude if you want to pull the holeshot at your race i recommend vegi oil, but you better be like bubba to hold that number one position.... i cleaned the carb and it works great now, i tried coat the inside of the carb with a laquer that way the vegi oil doesnt gum up inside (that was the problem)... i let you guys know how it works P.S. is it ok to fill the float bowl with rocket fuel that you can buy, then let the pump gas self-blend it for more boost???????
  13. garvey73

    more power out of a yz125?

    its cuz your scared
  14. garvey73


    horse power i meant to say
  15. garvey73


    try vegatable oil, it boosts the hor's power...