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  1. Am getting ready to put the beast away for the winter...is winterizing any different for a FI machine? How about the use of fuel stabilizer (Stabil)? Just don't want any unpleasant suprises next spring! Thanks.
  2. I am in the process of setting up a seperate set of wheels/tires specifically for muddy conditions. Is there a general "rule of thumb" about what (if any) changes in gearing will work better for mud? I currently am running the stock 14/50 gearing on my 08 for racing on standard track conditions. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply...I'm getting different opinions, as the party with the swingarm is telling me that the 07 swingarm will work fine on an 06. Anybody else out there have any info on this matter?? Thanks.
  4. Am wondering if a swingarm for an 07 will work properly on an 06? Found a great deal on a 07 swingarm...but I noticed that they are numbered differently in the OEM parts. Thanks.
  5. I know my suzuki's pretty well. Back in the 70's Suzuki had TM and RM models. TM were there enduro machines are TM is short for TRAIL model. RM were and still are their race bikes and of course the RM initials are short for RACING model.
  6. Yes. All the yamahas up here run like this.
  7. 162 main 45 Pilot. 45 Leak. Thats all that I know. Help please.
  8. My brother has a 06' YZ450F. In short, the bike runs terrible (bogs bad, just not much power). We would greatly appreciate the carb settings if anyone has them for an altitude of about 5000,- 5,500 feet. Thanks!
  9. We have two four strokes and have been running 91 octane pump gas. The series that we race consists of ten different race tracks that average 4308' in elevation. The five highest altitude tracks average 5141'...the five lowest average 3475'. Is this much altitude difference something that needs to be compensated for, or can one setting have these machines running good at all ten sites? We raced the RM-Z450 at these tracks last season and it seemed to run fine. I left the jetting at the stock settings. Are 250F's more tempermental about jetting then 450s, as a rule? Thanks for any help you can give.
  10. We recieved a letter asking for a physical address (dealer gave them a PO Box #), so I would think that they will be sent shortly.
  11. We paid $5600.00 otd...no fees of any kind and of course no sales tax.