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  1. mproducer1

    weak fork R side(DRZ400s)

    Thanks I will try to take them apart tommarow after work.
  2. The right side of my fork is weak .The bike does not handle correctly.the fork boot is colapsted and looks diferent from the left side.I used A tape mesaure and both sides are the same from the top 6 1/4. Is the internal spring broke ? Thanks for any advice .I have A big dualsport ride planed this weekend
  3. mproducer1

    drive chain swap ?

    It is time for me to replace my drive chain .There is no more adjustment left.I have alwase had a master link and changed chains with no problem.This chain does not have A master link.I can break the old chain to remove it but how do I install the new cahin ? Thanks for any advice.
  4. mproducer1

    chain install ?

    If you dont have A master link on a o-ring chain ,how do you install it ?
  5. mproducer1

    Any body ride for MPG

    I play and chart MPG on my S.easy commuting 56mpg hit reserve 112. Hard fast dualsport like last weekend(that was fun ! thanks to all that rode)45mpg hit resrve 90.stock motor and tank.
  6. mproducer1

    chain size

    ordering a new chain and sprokets today .what size chain is on my drz400s ? I like the stock gearing it works good for me .do you just count the teeth ? thanks for the help .
  7. Its time to replace my chain and sprockets.After 7000 great miles I now only have very little adjustment left .I am not complaning and have been happy with the stock parts .Do I need to replace both sprockets and chain or just the rear and chain .I am on A real tight budget.For the money should I buy aftermarket or OEM ? some one told me to take A link out but they had also never heard of A O-ring chain. Thanks for any advice.
  8. mproducer1

    Questions re xt 225 anybody familiar???

    Thx I was hoping I had just overlooked the group.
  9. mproducer1

    Questions re xt 225 anybody familiar???

    I am looking for two answers. The first is this: When the bike is cold, after it is cranked and semi warm, when I put it in first it dies....again and again and again. After it has been run a bit it's fine but what a pain in the grass to get going. I seriously plan start up time in my trip. It will die repeatedly for about 20 minutes before it decides it is time to go. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am also having a very hard time finding a gaurd for the headlight. Any ideas??? 1997 XT 225 Michelle
  10. mproducer1

    Drz 400 - Xr 400?

    my xr would overheat in the summer and my drz has never overheated . I am A fan of both bikes .But the drz has nevre let me down.
  11. mproducer1

    Choosing tyres for S

    1000+ on my maxxis set still look good for another 1000. great on the road OK in the dirt .overall A great dual sport tire not A great MX tire set.I will buy another set .
  12. mproducer1

    Ultimate Dual Sport Tires. Please Vote for your Fav.

    1000 miles on Maxxis c6006 unfortunately 70% street .they look new and ride great ! need more dirt but like them very much for my first set of 50/50 tires.
  13. mproducer1

    fork tubes = handling ???

    Thanks ! now that I know I will play with it A bit . What does it measure from the factory ?how do you measure this adjustment ?
  14. mproducer1

    fork tubes = handling ???

    I have heard you can move the fork tubes up or down in the triple trees to adjust ride height . Is this correct ? if so how does it affect the bikes handling ?
  15. mproducer1

    Moose Handguard Installation Question

    I had the same concerns ,but all has worked out well. I just drilled the holes and screwed them in no problems so far and I have abused those handguards. good luck