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  1. I've bruised my ribs now twice and I was wearing a chest protector both times. They are good for some things, but not all impacts. I have an air filled chest and back protector they I got in a bundle of stuff. Anyone ever crash with one of those on? Curious how well they work.
  2. Try this. ... it really works. Use some shoe goo and glue a nickel between your frame and the peg contact pad. Where the peg rests against the frame. Only glue one side but glue it really good. It will angle your peg up and your feet in. You'll have to replace it as it falls out once in a while.
  3. Try Mocrosoft Movie Maker. It's the best Free one you can use. You lose less quality transferring to YT.
  4. Someone said it back on page one. The best riders do both when it's appropriate. On a 4 hour hard enduro all the top riders do a fair amount of sitting. Every where they can is what I heard one say in an interview once. Saves energy. In hare scrambles, it's just fast flowy trails here. Most guys sit until it gets rough, then sit again after. I sit everywhere I think I won't get bucked. I stand on the rough stuff and in the WOT grass fields. I feel more in control standing, but standing when it doesn't make you faster is a waste of energy.
  5. It's hard to tell from the pics at the on line stores, but the M5b EVO has huge knobs. They are bigger than on any other tire I have ever seen. I love the way it looks. Just hope it performs as good.
  6. East Tennessee. 09 KTM 250xc. Fast trail riding and hare scrambles. Lots of roots and some rocks. Plenty of hills. Shinko 550 cheater is fair but not on grass starts. Wears fast. Star cross 5 is great. Wear is good for the traction it has. Handles everything well. They just need to make a larger rear. Starcross5 soft front in 90/100 is awesome. It's huge. Does not deflect. Wear is good and it performs as good as the M59. VE33 is a really good enduro tire. It brakes awesome. Doesn't last very long and loses substantial traction as soon as it wears the knobs down an eighth inch or so. Kenda IBEX is a real knobby that's gummy. Great traction. Fast wear, but worth it if it's wet and Rocky. Washougal front and rear both sucked. Traction was great but deflection was terrible. Couldn't hold a straight line. Next tire waiting to go on is the IRC Mb5 EVO.
  7. That's just nasty! Not sure what tire would work well there. I have the IBEX as well. At 5 psi it's quite good. Above that and it is just ok. Mine has worn pretty fast, but I've been riding lots of rocks. When it was dry here, the tire was nothing special and wore the most. Now that it's wet, wear has slowed and the ability to grip wet rocks shows through.
  8. I just got my new to me 09 250 XC back from a complete rebuild, and we just got some relief from a summer long drought. Fresh bike... No dust... beautiful Thursday... 20 degrees. Found a willing participant for a ride so we had a blast freezing our fingers off. I've been making a bunch of POV videos so I wanted to get a little more non-pov. Watch it in HD, enjoy, and remember... We may be old... but at least were slow.
  9. Harvo

    KTM 250 XC 2009

    Great bike. Fresh Top and Bottom ends. Makes me want to ride.... a lot!
  10. Harvo

    KTM 250 XC (2009)


    Great bike. Fresh Top and Bottom ends. Makes me want to ride.... a lot!
  11. I currently ride KTM, but I have been interested in this bike from the time I first heard about it. I'm just now beginning to really look at the bike as a possible "next" and I appreciate the great reviews in this thread. I have a couple of questions as well. I thought I read somewhere that originally these bikes were slated to have hydraulic clutches. I see that did not come about. I have some hand issues that make hydro clutches very beneficial. I had an older (2004) YZ250F with a cable clutch and it was a bad deal for me. How do you rate the clutch pull on the new 250X bikes? Is it the same as the F bikes? I read of people wanting to immediately go Rekluse and that concerns me. Thank You.
  12. Harvo

    Would You Race a 230 ?

    I finally race my first scramble a couple of weeks ago. 40c class and I came in 3rd place. I wasn't on my 230 though. I was on my KTM 200. 2004 model. It's set up to race and I took a pretty good beating lol. I don't think I could have gone as fast on the 230 and it would have absolutely punished me if I even finished. I enjoy the 230 but I'm loving the 200 2 stroke.
  13. Harvo

    ktm 150 vs the 200

    Nice find. Looks great.
  14. Harvo

    Purchasing a Ktm 200

    This past winter I was in the same boat as you. Seemed like most people recommended the 04 models. I found one and have been super happy. I had to. .. Change both wheel bearing sets Recover the seat Put on new shrouds But aside from that it was RTR Early things to check after you get one would be the reeds, the jetting, the pipe o- rings, and the sprockets. Mine were like sharks teeth.
  15. Harvo

    ktm 150 vs the 200

    That's about what I paid for my 04 200 exc. Best decision ever. I had to fix a couple of previous owner screw ups, but 04 is a great year for 200 motors.