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    tc 450 weak spark

    Actually this is very close. The valves were off but not from normal wear. I didn't have time to pulll it apart so I dropped it off at the dealer. It turns out that Husqvarna put out a bad batch of intake valves. They were fine during the last service and less than 8 hours of runtime later they receeded and closed up the gap. Husqvarna acknowledges the problem and is covering a portion of the parts.
  2. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    tc 450 weak spark

    I did a search and came up empty. I bought the bike used and it has always been hard to start. If I push start it or jump it with my truck it starts a lot easier. When I connect a jumper battery it doesn't crank any faster but the voltage drop is less so the spark is a little hotter. When I push start it no power is going to the starter so it also starts easier. Now after a couple months of riding it wont start at all. I pulled the plug wire and checked for spark and it barley jumps a 1/32" gap. Is this a common problem?