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  1. motohead342

    XL to XR Shock Swap

    I have an 84 XL350 with the stock unservicable shock on it. Can I swap out an 84 XR350 Shock? That shock IS servicable and tunable. They look similar with the exception of the reservoir and hose. Can it be done easily? The spring rate is heavier on the XL. Can that spring be put on the XR shock?
  2. motohead342

    84 XL350 Shock Swap

    I have an 84 XL350R in good original condition that I bought about a month ago from the original owner. 12500mls when I got it, 600 miles of trails and forest roads in a month. I love this bike!! The stock shock has NO reservoir and is NOT serviceable. Can I swap out the XR350 shock from the same year with the twin carbs? That shock IS serviceable and tunable. Is there any advantage to swapping out the swing arm and linkage from the XR350? Disadvantages?
  3. motohead342

    1984 XL350R Handlebars

    I have a OEM handle bar off of my 84 XL350R. $20. plus shipping cost. Mike 858-663-MOTO
  4. motohead342

    help finding 1985 XR 350 brake caliper

    I have one from an 84 that could use at least 1 new piston(insulation disc is missing) and a seal rebuild. Parts available through Bikebandit.com. Interested? $25. plus shipping cost. Mike 858-663-MOTO
  5. motohead342

    '84 XR350 first impression after rebuild

    Hi there gang. Glad to hear there are still others out there that love these older XR's. Honda must have known they were on to something since they changed so little of the whole package RFVC over the decades. I have an 84 XL350R in great condition and do a fair amount of hard trail and forest road riding. The stock shock has NO external reservoir and is NOT serviceable. I need to replace it with something better. Does anyone know if the XR shock from the same year "1984" fit on my XL as a bolt clamp on? That shock is serviceable and tunable. Is the swing arm/linkage replaceable with an XR from the same year? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to the swap.
  6. motohead342

    Just got an '84 xl350

    Oh my god! I have 1 of these I just bought a month ago and already have 200 miles on forest roads and trails. It is such a great bike. 12500 miles! Runs like a swiss watch! Mine is in pretty good nearly all original condition. You can get almost anything you need from BikeBandit.com and rockymountainmc.com A complete clutch with springs from Rockymountain is 40 bucks!!!! Good luck. It is beautiful!
  7. motohead342

    Just got an '84 xl350

    If it has 2 carbs I'm pretty sure you have an 84'.