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  1. Thank you for your insight Fritter. im just double checking this issue...maybe the clicking will get quieter now that im not as worried about it LOL
  2. smoove


    Buy new ones!? lol jk I personally like a non cross bar feel that pro tapers or tag bars gives(theres others out there also). the cross bar feel for me, is to ridged(like the Renthal Twin Walls). If i where u i would try different things out so u know what works best for u! thats my best advise:thumbsup: Note: All bars will can and will bend.
  3. ya cma033, man this is frustrating...such an awesome bike but this noise drives me nuts. ima do some research on this and see what i can dig up on fixing this without replacing the cam. Charlie C is right though when the rev's clime it quits but it makes me wonder if its sticking or catching somehow...i would think at idle it would be enough force for the weight to be in the out position...but im not totally sure how it works. :busted:Maybe if some can explain what rmp is enough to cause the decompression weight to move, might help us. Is it suppose to be somewhere above or below idle? I do know the decompression spring on my kawi was stiffer but that is because the exhaust cam is smaller and spines faster therefore needing more spring pressure. btw nice pit biken vids...good fun
  4. So your saying this is normal? I have a 08 crf250 and i think I'm having the same problem as cma033 is. I'm on my 2nd 4 stroke now and i have never heard this noise on my old 06 kx250f. Yesterday, I just took my motor apart to try and fix this problem. I bought this bike off a guy claiming it was Blake Warton's LL's bike and he said he had put only 10 hours, plus whatever Blake had on it. there's no way to tell how many hours it has. i have checked the crank and piston play everything seems just fine and the cylinder still looks great....i turned the motor over a few times with the head off and no clicking noise. i knew right away where clicking was coming from at that point...in the valve train. at least i know everything's good without knowing the hours for sure on the bike. I have heard other Honda's and never heard this clicking noise. It has a Pro Circuit cam so i don't know if that would make a difference to this noise. What kind of Cam are u running cma033?
  5. smoove

    Service/Owner manual for 06 kxf250

    do a thread search. i know its been posted multi times. or google it
  6. smoove

    Quick Question about Shell Rotella

    the reason i was asking, what type is it because at the bike shop i work for they put in the 4T fully synthetic 10-40 in all there bikes they service and they swear buy it. im using Rotella 15-40 at the moment but im going to ask the guys more about this at the shop tomorrow.
  7. smoove

    KX250F Ti or Steel valves?

    disregard that...that was confusing. TI is what u want in both Intake and Exhaust. try to not mix and match bands on motor parts reliability can go out the window...as a buddy of mine found out:banghead: . ++ TI
  8. smoove

    06 stock jetting??

    i dont think i helped much, but glad u got u running good now!
  9. 06 is such a better bike then the 04/05's. still riding my 06 hard with no major problems. maintenance is key* to 4-strokes.
  10. smoove

    Clutch Pull

    u might wanna check to see if your cable is binding up. i hit my cable up on both ends with wd10 after every ride. i came off a 125 i dont think ill ever complain about clutch pull again. my 250f clutch feels like butter on every pull compared to my 125. but hey if i was a girl i would get a hydraulic clutch and have a tampon at the rdy just in case:thumbsup: we all get arm pump:shocked: just:ride: more:banana: jk
  11. smoove

    KX250F Ti or Steel valves?

    ic...i hear that though money is tight these days...and not looking any better
  12. smoove

    why does my bike backfire?

    Do what i did. sent my carb to TokyoMods. no more popping on decel(its not a backfire just a sign of a the bike running lean) idles great no bog anywhere and very responsive. but hey if u did that u wouldnt learn how to jet:banghead: ! no really though learning to jet is important to get the most outa your bike in different riding conditions. kinda cool when u know what to do when it acts a certain way and u know how to fix it.
  13. smoove

    KX250F Ti or Steel valves?

    woe woe wait...u have a honda? i havent been around for awhile. what made u want to do that? and have u blow it up alrdy....im confused sorry:bonk:
  14. smoove

    Quick Question about Shell Rotella

    Mobile 1 what? 10-40? details plz
  15. smoove

    06 stock jetting??

    i couldnt find any stock jetting spec's on google. u could try calling a local kawi shop and ask? whatever your problem it is making u run lean. First Q. is there any air leaking anyway?(check the boots around the carb and air box.) Second Q. is the carb clean? Third Q. whats your spark plug look like? I just got my carb back from TokyoMods and its awesome(06 kx250f). bike now idles fine and no bog off idle. Much more responsive everywhere in the powerband. o ya and no more popping! i got lazy and didnt want to mess with jetting my 4-stroke. to much crap in the way!