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  1. Could you explain. I don't know what that means.
  2. Eddie, I changed the main and pilot jets on my 150r to 140 and 45. The bike runs way better but still has a bad bog from idle. Should I change the leak jet or a quickshot?
  3. O-ring the ap linkage??? Sorry I don't know what that means. Could you elaborate.
  4. What about the leak jet? Larger or smaller? When I changed mine on my crf250, we went larger. But I saw a thread that said to use a #40 leak on this bike? Is this correct?
  5. I heard from a very reliable source that Honda is not producing any more 150R's for 2007. What is out there is it.
  6. Does anyone know what seat cover will fit the 150R? Need to cut the seat down and would like to put on a black cover.
  7. Is it correct that this bikes suspension is set up for a rider that weighs 150 - 160 lbs.? I just read the manual and thats what it says. My son weighs 90 lbs. Should I have the suspension redone??
  8. Has anyone put larger wheels on a kx65 to help bridge the gap between the 65 and 85?
  9. Cut the seat down.
  10. Go on a weekday first thing in the morning. Run the vet track or intermediate track. It's not as crazy as the main track. Usually, the really fast guys don't get there till at least 10 am. I ran the vet track at racetown 395 until 11 am all by myself during the week.
  11. I'm only 5'4". Much older than 16 and not exactly 110lbs... But I ride a CRF 250. I cut the seat down and fit pretty well. You can also have the suspension set up so it's shorter...As much as 2" shorter. A friend of mine has a son who is riding a KX85 and he is 12. I think you will outgrow this bike very quickly. Maybe the KTM 100 or any 125.
  12. Heat the bolts up with a torch, soldering iron or? That will loosen the loctite and make it much easier to remove.
  13. Yeah and Freakin duck so you dont hit the ceiling!
  14. Buy a staple gun and use 1/4" staples.
  15. I spoke to someone today that thought if you go with a whole system, IE larger diameter header, you will lose low end power. He thought a slip on like the white bros. aluminum pro would boost low end better???